“The Honey Hunter”: Jason Statham’s Newest Action-Packed Film Trailer Features His Revenge on Criminals

In January, viewers can watch Statham take on the role of a ruthless agent seeking revenge in David Ayer’s latest action-packed thriller.

After bidding farewell to his fellow action stars in Expendables 4, Jason Statham is set to join a new organization in the upcoming action-thriller film, The Beekeeper. The trailer, released by MGM, shows Statham seeking revenge against a company involved in a phishing scam. As a former member of the clandestine organization known as The Beekeepers, Statham’s character will undertake missions with national stakes. The corruption he uncovers goes all the way to the top, and he’s determined to keep the hive in check.

Statham’s character was previously a beekeeper who helped an older woman tend to her hives and bring life back to the land surrounding her home. When she falls victim to a phishing scam and takes her own life, Statham responds by burning down one of the company’s headquarters. He discovers the operation is bigger than just low-rate scammers, and the big bosses realize they’re dealing with no ordinary man. As a former member of a rogue organization that played by its own rules, Statham’s character is a classic rogue action hero.

For those seeking more bombastic Statham action after Meg 2: The Trench or Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, The Beekeeper promises even more high-octane shootouts and close-quarters combat. Expect ridiculous scenes like tying a bad guy to a car as it careens off a bridge or lighting someone on fire with honey. As he rises to the top of the chain, Statham’s character uncovers corruption that reaches the highest levels of government, forcing him to take on the FBI and other U.S. operatives.

The Beekeeper is directed by David Ayer, and stars Jason Statham alongside Josh Hartnett, Holt McCallany, and Laz Alonso. The screenplay is by Ivan Ginzburg and David Ayer, with Statham serving as an executive producer.

Ayer’s newest project involves teaming up with action star Statham for the first time, but Ayer is no stranger to working with big names in the action film industry. He has directed and written the first Suicide Squad movie as well as Fury, and has previously collaborated with Statham’s Expendables colleague Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sabotage. For The Beekeeper, Ayer worked again with his Street Kings co-writer Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the screenplay. Statham is joined by Jeremy Irons, who recently appeared in DC’s The Flash and The Cello with Tobin Bell. The supporting cast includes Emmy Raver Lampman from The Umbrella Academy, Josh Hutcherson, Bobby Naderi, Minnie Driver, and Phylicia Rashad.

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