“Sylvester Stallone’s Brush with Danger: Accidentally Injuring Cameramen While Capturing Action on Set with Jason Statham”

One of the most renowned action heroes of all time is Jason Statham, who frequently performs his own stunts in action movies. Typically, the characters he portrays are tough and intimidating, often playing the role of a rough and rugged individual not to be messed with.

Jasoп Statham, the famous British actor, had a close call with death while filming on set. Fortunately, his past experience as a competitive diver came in handy, allowing him to escape an accident that nearly caused him to drown. Statham was able to avoid disaster and came out unscathed.

During the filming of The Expendables 3 in Bulgaria, Jason Statham had a close call while test driving a truck during a scene near the Black Sea. Statham was driving a large truck and the rest of the cast was supposed to be on the back, but he decided to take a test drive before they got on. However, when he slammed on the brakes, nothing happened and he ended up hitting two cameramen. He thought he killed them but then, in a split second, he found himself going over the edge of a concrete jetty and heading towards the Black Sea. Statham recalls thinking that the situation was ridiculous and that he needed to get out of it.

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The performer managed to stay focused and sought a solution to the terrifying predicament. Statham endeavored to escape through the window of the truck, but unfortunately, the vehicle plunged into the water. “The water came rushing in, and I was thrust back, sinking fast to the bottom,” disclosed the 55-year-old actor. He found himself stuck in the mud, 60 feet under the Black Sea, but he maintained his composure and thought, “Hold on a minute, I’m going to make it out of this.” Statham explained that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt as he believed it wasn’t necessary at the time, but he had several props on him that were part of his costume design, which could’ve been dangerous for him while he was sinking. However, he eventually managed to extricate himself from the water. Sylvester Stallone was also present at the scene.

Jason Statham’s co-star in the movie “The Expendables 3,” Sylvester Stallone, was present during an accident that occurred on set. Statham recalls the incident where he was looking around to see where Stallone was, only to find him standing on the side of the dock with his iPhone. Despite the crew being worried, Statham jokes that Stallone asked him if he needed a towel. The accident involved Stallone test-driving a truck, which ran out of brakes and caused them to fall 60ft into the Black Sea and become impaled. Fortunately, Statham’s experience in scuba diving and freediving helped him escape the accident, but it was still a terrifying experience for him. Although he jokes about the incident, Statham will always remember it.

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