“Rockstar Jon Bon Jovi and his doppelganger son Jesse celebrate with Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, and Dakota Fanning while launching their new wine brand”

It’s evident that Jon Bon Jovi is a well-liked figure in Hollywood. A gathering of stars, including Nicole Scherzinger, Dakota Fanning, and Miley Cyrus, attended the celebration for his son Jesse’s new wine, Hampton Water. The event was held on Thursday evening, and both father and son mingled with the celebrity guests. The newly launched rose seems to have been well-received by those in attendance.

It's party time: Jon Bon Jovi and lookalike college footballer son Jesse with Nicole Scherzinger at a party to promote their new wine in Los Angeles on Thursday

Let’s celebrate! Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse, who bears a striking resemblance to him and plays college football, were spotted at a bash in Los Angeles promoting their latest wine venture. The event was also attended by singer Nicole Scherzinger.

On brand: Jesse Bongiovi made sure to keep a bottle of his new wine in hand as he and his rocker father posed with Miley Cyrus

Jesse Bongiovi ensured that he had a bottle of his latest wine while posing with his musician father and Miley Cyrus, staying on-brand.

Celebrity friends: College footballer Jesse with actress Dakota Fanning

College footballer Jesse and actress Dakota Fanning are celebrity friends who recently attended a party together. Singer Nicole, who had just returned from a trip to Dubai, enjoyed a glass of the highly rated rosé wine that was named the best of 2018 by Wine Spectator. She looked stunning in a long-sleeved blue silk gown as she posed for photos with a father and son duo at the event. Dakota also made an appearance, dressed more casually in jeans and a red tank top.

Cheers: The 26-year-old clinks glasses with Jon

Prost: Jon and the 26-year-old raise their glasses in a toast.

Fancy seeing you here! Miley had updated her hair for the bash, returning to her roots with a Hannah Montana look

Well, well, well, look who we have here! Miley decided to switch up her hairstyle for the party and opted for a throwback look to her Hannah Montana days.

Flashback: Posting a snap to social media before the bash the Wrecking Ball hit-maker captioned the lookalike picture: '@hannahmontana Forever'

In a nostalgic move, the singer Miley Cyrus recently shared a photo of herself resembling her famous character Hannah Montana on social media. The photo showed her sporting long blonde hair that seemed to have been taken straight from the set of the Disney show she starred in. Clad in a stylish outfit and holding a glass of wine at an event, Miley posed for pictures with Jesse and his well-known father. The singer also shared the same photo on social media just before the event, captioned with the words ‘@hannahmontana Forever’. Throughout the evening, Miley was seen sipping on the new wine while taking part in numerous photo opportunities with Jesse and his father.

Girl's night:  Fresh-faced Dakota, second from right, with her friends at the event

Dakota and her girlfriends are all smiles in the photo taken during their girl’s night out. Meanwhile, Jesse, a fresh graduate of Notre Dame, decided to shift his focus on wine as he planned his career as a graduate student. Living in The Hamptons, the Bon Jovi family prefers rose as their go-to drink, so much that it has become a staple in the area – “rosé is the water of the Hamptons,” said Jesse. During an interview with W Magazine, Jesse shared how he mentioned this observation to his father, which led to their decision of starting their own wine business.

Married bliss: Bon Jovi with his wife Dorothea Hurley

Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Hurley enjoyed their newlywed life traveling to the south of France and collaborating with winemaker Gérard Bertrand to create the perfect rose blend. Jesse Bon Jovi took on the marketing duties, which led to the launch of their product last Thursday. In an interview with W magazine, Jesse revealed that the inspiration behind their brand came from a conversation with his father. Sitting on the porch late at night, his dad offered him another glass of “pink juice,” which he promptly corrected to “Hampton water.” Jesse’s dad loved the idea, and they ran with it, putting the name on their bottle for people to enjoy.

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