“Radiant Miley Cyrus Shows Off New Blonde Hairdo and Fit Physique in Reunion with Liam Hemsworth”

Blondes do have more fun! Beaming Miley Cyrus rocked her new hairstyle in Pennsylvania today, where she is visiting her fiance Liam Hemsworth while he films his new movie Paranoid

Having a blast with her new hairdo, Miley Cyrus looked stunning as she visited her fiancé Liam Hemsworth on the set of his upcoming film Paranoid in Pennsylvania. It’s safe to say that blondes truly know how to have fun!

Flaunting her tummy: Once again the teen star displayed a snippet of her toned abs, this time in a sheer white T-shirt that also exposed her black bralette underneath

Showing off her midriff: The teenage celebrity has once again revealed a glimpse of her well-defined abdominal muscles. This time, she wore a transparent white T-shirt that revealed her black bralette underneath.

Casual ensemble: Miley paired the look with some ripped jeans tightly belted around her tiny waist, boosted her height with some tan wedges and toted a large leather bag

Miley put together a laid-back outfit consisting of ripped jeans cinched at her waist with a belt, complemented by tan wedges to add height and a spacious leather bag to carry her essentials.

New do: Last week Hollywood's 'Mane Man' Chris McMillan took his celebrity scissors to Miley, giving her her blonder, shorter look

Fresh cut: Chris McMillan, the go-to hairstylist for celebrities in Hollywood, recently worked his magic on Miley Cyrus’s hair. The result? A shorter, blonder look that has everyone talking.

Home visit: Both Miley and McMillan tweeted photos of the hair cut and colour in progress, which appeared to take place at Miley's home

During a home visit, Miley and McMillan shared pictures on Twitter of the hair cut and color process. It seems that the transformation occurred in the comfort of Miley’s own home.

Back in its bun: But despite her new cut and colour - for which she likely paid in the ballpark of $1,000 - the teenager was quick to gather her hair straight back into her stand-by style: a high bun

The teenage girl recently got a new haircut and color, which probably cost her around $1,000. However, she didn’t keep her hair down to show off her new look for long. Instead, she went back to her usual hairstyle – a high bun.

Inseparable: Miley has been by Liam's side on the set of his new movie several times

Liam and Miley are sticking together like glue, as Miley has been showing her support by accompanying Liam on the set of his latest film production.

Distraction: However according to one recent report, the 22-year-old Australian was keen for Miley to go back to LA because she was proving to be 'too much of a distraction' while he was at work

A recent report stated that the 22-year-old Australian individual expressed his desire for Miley to return to LA as she was becoming a significant distraction while he was working.

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