Miley Cyrus Rocks Brazilian Designer’s $13k Dress

Miley Cyrus is known for her love of changing up her style. Formerly known as the sweet and innocent Hanna Montana from Disney, she has now become a bold and controversial figure, sporting sexy looks in her performances and music videos such as her hit single “Wrecking Ball”. This year, she has emerged with a new look characterized by long, wavy hair and a cleaner makeup style. On-stage, she always dons powerful and ultra-feminine ensembles, as evidenced by her stunning outfit during her appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on November 4th.

Foto: Instagram

For the second time, the singer has worn a piece from Raphael Mendonça’s collection for Maison Alexandrine. The dress was entirely made of velvet with lace and studded with Swarovski crystals, costing around R$13,100. The outfit looked stunning on her, as seen in the photo she shared on Instagram.

Foto: Divulgação


Image: Courtesy

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