“Miley Cyrus Rocks a Denim Look for Her Big Apple Hustle”

Miley Cyrus, the famous singer of “Wrecking Ball” fame, rocked a stunning look during her recent outing in New York’s East Village. The pop star added a classic twist to her outfit with a black wide-brimmed hat, which was the highlight of her ensemble. To keep safe and protected, Miley covered up entirely with a black face mask, making her almost unrecognizable as she left a building and headed to her transportation. Her style was on point as she wore a matching jacket and jeans with trendy black leather boots. To accessorize her outfit, she added a chunky silver chain necklace and some gothic-style silver earrings. Interestingly, Miley has been spotted wearing the same hat covered in fake blood while shooting a new music video with Dua Lipa, the Albanian-British singer.

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