“Miley Cyrus rocks a black bikini on Hawaii beach getaway with mom Tish and new stepdad Dominic Purcell”

Miley Cyrus, the singer from Tennessee, was recently spotted flaunting her fit and slim figure in a revealing black bikini that showcased her tattoos and belly piercing while on vacation in Hawaii. The 30-year-old daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus was enjoying some leisure time with her mom and new husband Dominic Purcell. Miley’s boyfriend Maxx Morando was also present, wearing black swim trunks. This relaxing beach outing came after a busy schedule of promoting her latest single “Used To Be Young,” which has been praised by Adele. The song is a nostalgic reflection of Miley’s teenage years as she pursued a career as a solo performer.

A pinup: Miley Cyrus appears to be in the best shape of her life these days. The crooner from Tennessee was seen showing off her very toned and slender figure in a skimpy black bikini in Hawaii

Miley Cyrus has been spotted flaunting her toned and slender physique in a revealing black bikini while enjoying her time in Hawaii. The singer seems to be in the best shape of her life, and her fans cannot stop talking about her stunning appearance.

Tat me up: The pop star revealed her array of tattoos while on the beach in Hawaii


In the swim: The pal of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato was makeup free as she wore her hair wet and wild

Since 2021, Cyrus has been in a romantic relationship with Maxx, the drummer of Los Angeles rock band Lilly. Before joining Lilly, Maxx played drums for punk rock band The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018. Despite their relationship being relatively new, Cyrus and Maxx have been friends for many years and share many mutual friends. Recently, Cyrus was spotted having fun on the shore, trying her hand at snorkeling while wearing an eye mask and neon green tube on her head and long dark flippers on her feet. She alternated between being in and out of the water, later wrapping herself in a colorful towel.

This year has been an eventful one for Cyrus’s mother Tish. In mid-August, she married Prison Break star Purcell in an intimate ceremony in California, after announcing their engagement in May following her shock divorce from Billy Ray in 2022. The wedding was held at Miley’s house in Malibu and had only 60 attendees, including Australian cricket star David Warner and his wife Candice. Candice described the wedding as “absolutely beautiful” and said it was evident that Tish and Dominic are deeply in love. Tish walked out with her daughters Miley and Brandi by her side, and they were all emotional and happy throughout the night. The wedding featured fairy lights in the trees and beautiful flower arrangements on the tables.

Fun in the sun: She slipped on her snorkel gear with long black flippers after already swimming in the ocean

Ready to see the sea creatures: Snorkeling in Hawaii is a great way to see the turtles, and maybe even a shark

Her new stepfather: The star was with her mom Tish as she had fun with new husband Dominic Purcell during their seaside honeymoon; seen with Purcell

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Miley Cyrus spent time with her mother Tish and stepfather Dominic Purcell on their honeymoon by the sea. The new couple seemed to be having a great time together, and Miley was along for the ride.

Take my hand mommy: The 30-year-old was also with her mother Tish Cyrus was enjoying some down time in the sun while on the shores of the big island

Mommy, hold my hand: Tish Cyrus accompanied her 30-year-old daughter as they relaxed under the sun on the shores of the Big Island.

Hey mama: The crooner held onto her pretty blonde mother as she slipped a flipper on

This looks semi painful: Dominic held onto Miley's wrist as Tish walked away and Maxx took adjusted his gear

Mom was by her side a lot: Tish flashed her new diamond wedding rings as she wore a blue bikini with a white sarong

Golden girl: Cyrus wore a gold bracelet on her left hand and rocked natural nails

Miley's mom Tish got married to Purcell at an intimate ceremony in California in mid August

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus were married for a long 28 years and they are proud parents of three children – Miley, Braison, and Noah. In addition to that, Billy Ray also adopted Tish’s two children from her previous marriage – Brandi and Trace, who is a singer for Metro Station. On the other hand, Dominic was previously married to Rebecca Williamson and they have four kids together – Joseph, Audrey, Lily-Rose, and Augustus. Candice expressed her delight in seeing Tish and Dominic find love again at their age. She mentioned that it was a beautiful moment to witness, especially when some people might think that they will never find true love again at their age. While Miley did not perform on the night, Tish walked out to one of her songs and it was evident that Miley was ecstatic for her mother’s newfound joy.

Posing in the shore: Miley and Maxx seemed to be posing for a photo before they headed out into the ocean

Something is off here: She had only one flipper on as she struggled to get the second one on

Miley has been devoting her time this summer to promote her latest single, Used To Be Young. Recently, she participated in an interview where she reminisced about old memories. During the conversation, the Disney alum shared an old photograph from the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie which occurred in 2009. In the photo, the country singer’s daughter can be seen walking with co-star Emily Osment, as well as singers Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. Cyrus appeared dressed casually in a cardigan, two tank tops, loose slacks, and comfortable UGG boots adorned with bedazzled peace signs. Her famous friends, on the other hand, were dressed up in elegant dresses and high heels. The pop star jokingly stated that this photo offers proof that she is bisexual and shared it on TikTok. According to the musician, it should be obvious from the picture.

Towel time: The chart-topping former country singer held onto a blue-and-white towel as she walked barefoot

Drink up: Cyrus held onto a pink can of soda as she made her way to the water

According to her, the photo was taken after the premiere, and they were heading to a popular restaurant chain in Los Angeles. She excitedly shared that she was with some classy ladies, including Emily, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. In 2016, she came out as pansexual and explained that she never understood her gender and sexuality until then. She related more to someone who didn’t identify themselves as a man or woman, which made her realize that she wasn’t straight or gay. Recently, she reminisced about falling in love with Liam Hemsworth while filming The Last Song in 2008. In a TikTok video for her Used to Be Young series, the pop star raved about how their off-screen romance made the coming-of-age drama based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel feel special.

Bikini babe at play: Here the siren tried to get her gear on as she faced the ocean

Solo star: In this image Miley sat alone with her arms over her knees and her soda by her side as she looked out at the shore

Back in 2008, Miley Cyrus was tasked to do another Disney feature film, but she did not want it to be associated with Hannah Montana. After the screenplay was written, they had to audition actors for the role of her boyfriend, Will. Out of thousands of candidates, Liam Hemsworth was part of the final three. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable and their young love blossomed in real life. The two had a passionate and on-and-off relationship, leading to two engagements and an eight-month marriage. In another video, Cyrus recounts how her former Malibu home, where she recorded her debut album, Meet Miley Cyrus, was destroyed in a wildfire in 2018 while she was filming for Black Mirror in South Africa. The traumatic experience caused anxiety attacks with visions of being strapped down to a gurney.

Pals: Miley shared this photo last week as she said this image should have told people she was bisexual because of her clothing. Seen with Hannah Montana star Emily Osment as well as singers Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato

Miley Cyrus recently revealed that she experienced recurring dreams of being strapped to a gurney with handcuffs before her house burned down in the California wildfires five years ago. Initially, she thought it was just an anxious vision but realized its significance after the tragedy occurred. Despite the devastation, the resilient singer continued working and filmed her pop star character’s music video the day after. Miley and her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth lived together in the property, which holds a special place in her heart as it was where she began writing her own songs. The house had a magical essence that positively impacted her life, making its destruction even more heartbreaking.

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