‘Miley Cyrus receives a colorful surprise on her birthday from Liam Hemsworth: A quirky rainbow ring!’

Seems like Miley Cyrus and her beau Liam Hemsworth are going pretty strong as a couple. The lovebirds celebrated Miley’s 24th birthday in a cute way by posting Instagram posts separately. First, Miley shared an image of her lounging on the bed while holding star-shaped balloons and showed off a stunning bouquet of flowers in the foreground.

Happy birthday angel! Liam  posted a picture of Miley  holding her present box for her 24th on Wednesday

“Angel, happy birthday!” Liam shared a snapshot of Miley clutching her gift box in celebration of her 24th birthday on Wednesday.

She loves it: The We Won't Stop hit-maker posted another picture shortly after but this time it was a collage

The singer who hit the charts with “We Won’t Stop” recently shared some pictures on her social media account. The first picture was followed by another one that showed a collage of different moments from her birthday celebration. She expressed her gratitude towards her loved ones and captioned it as the best birthday ever. Moreover, she flaunted her unique rainbow style ring in the second picture and seemed extremely delighted with it. She appreciated the beautiful packaging and thanked her significant other for always making her feel special.

Lucky girl: Miley posted a photo of her lying in bed holding some star balloons with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the forefront

Miley Cyrus shared a photo on her social media account where she can be seen lying on the bed surrounded by star balloons and a bouquet of flowers. In the picture, she also revealed a unicorn and jewel-adorned gift box that had a ring inside. However, this was not an ordinary ring as it was circular, large, gold and had multiple colored jewels including purple, yellow, pink and green. She has previously expressed her dislike for conventional rings during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Miley mentioned that the 3.5-carat Neil Lane ring is not her style but she will wear it because her partner loves her. Additionally, she accepted Ellen’s congratulations on her engagement.

No mistaking: It was a very Miley Cyrus birthday party

There’s no doubt about it, the birthday bash was undeniably a Miley Cyrus affair.

Face-off: Liam's quirky presents didn't stop at the ring either - he also presented her with a birthday cake that was a lifesize replica of her new shetland sheepdog pup, Emu

Liam’s quirky gift-giving didn’t end with the ring – he surprised Miley with a life-size replica of her new shetland sheepdog pup, Emu, in the form of a birthday cake. Miley, known for wearing jewelry made from unconventional materials like gummy bears and cotton candy, found it strange to have real jewelry like the vintage gold ring given to her by Liam. She even replaces it sometimes with accessories like unicorns or Looney Tunes. Ellen suggested that Liam could have saved money by giving her a candy ring, but Miley expressed that she wears the vintage ring because it symbolizes Liam’s love for her, despite not always fitting her unique style.

Puppy power: A day covered in dogs was Miley's idea of the perfect birthday

Miley’s birthday was a blast thanks to her love for puppies. Spending the day surrounded by adorable dogs was her ultimate wish.

Namaste! Miley also posted a photo of her in a yoga pose: 'B-day yoga with Dora'

Hello there! Miley Cyrus shared a picture of herself performing a yoga posture, captioned as ‘B-day yoga with Dora’.

Nice pecs: She also shared a grab of her birthday Facetime with her best friend

The article discusses Miley Cyrus’ birthday celebration, which included a Facetime call with her best friend and gifts from her boyfriend Liam. Liam posted a photo of Miley holding her present box and called her his “favorite little angel”. In addition to an unusual ring, he also surprised her with a cake that looked like her new shetland sheepdog, Emu. Miley was very excited about the cake, exclaiming “Oh em gee! It’s Emu CAKE! I’m freaking out.”

Not her 'aesthetic': Miley revealed on The Ellend show that she isn't a fan of her engagement ring but wears it for Liam

During her appearance on The Ellen Show, Miley Cyrus admitted that although she wears her engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth, it isn’t really her style or preference.

It all began on the set of The Last Song when the two lovebirds crossed paths over five years ago. However, their relationship had its ups and downs as they were together from August 2010 until November of that same year before ultimately deciding to part ways. But, fate brought them back together again in April 2011 and it wasn’t long before they decided to take their relationship to the next level and become engaged in June 2012. However, this engagement was short-lived as they officially called it quits in September 2013. But, love always finds a way and the couple reunited at the start of this year in January 2016.

On again off again: The couple finally reunited earlier this year in January 2016

After going through several ups and downs, the couple finally found their way back to each other in January 2016.

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