“Miley Cyrus introduces Liam Hemsworth to The Flaming Lips on a quirky date night”

This Australian guy is pretty relaxed while his partner is a free spirit who can’t be controlled, so it’s no surprise that they don’t always share the same interests. However, being in a relationship requires some level of compromise, so Liam Hemsworth decided to accompany Miley Cyrus to one of her favorite bands, The Flaming Lips, as an attempt to enjoy something she likes. The couple went to the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and Miley was ecstatic about it.

Date night: Miley Cyrus took Liam Hemsworth to see The Flaming Lips in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth went on a date to attend The Flaming Lips’ concert in Los Angeles, California. Miley, being a longtime friend and collaborator of Wayne Coyne, almost ran towards the venue while Liam followed her. Although it was their date night, Miley preferred to join her other friends by the stage so she could get a better view of the performance. Liam chose not to go with her, and Miley was too engrossed in the show to notice his absence. As soon as the band started playing, Miley showed off some impressive dance moves.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: As they headed towards the venue, Miley nearly broke into a sprint to get inside to see her longtime friend and collaborator Wayne Coyne while Liam dutifully followed behind

The unstoppable Miley couldn’t wait to get to the venue and catch up with her friend and collaborator, Wayne Coyne. Liam followed along dutifully as she nearly sprinted inside. During the performance, Miley was seen waving her arms, making shapes, and clapping along. Surprisingly, Miley opted for a more low-key outfit than her usual eccentric style for the night out. She wore jeans with a front seam, a tied-up white t-shirt, and a denim painter’s jacket, topped off with pigtails.

Got to get close: While it was date night, the singer joined other friends at the side of the stage so she could have a good view

Needed to get a better view: During her date night, the vocalist decided to join her pals at the edge of the stage in order to have an optimal view.

Big fan: Liam opted not to join his lady love, who may not have even noticed his absence she was so excited for the show

Liam chose not to accompany his adored partner to the show, as she was too thrilled to notice his absence. The diva added some extra flair to her attire with a stylish Chanel scarf tied around her neck and a pair of mid-calf boots. Liam kept it casual with a dark flannel shirt, jeans, and Converse sneakers. Miley has been vocal about her reunion with Liam after their split in 2013, which kept them apart for three years.

Dance it out: While seated, the Wrecking Ball star waved her arms around, made different shapes with her arms and clapped away

Let’s dance: While sitting down, Miley Cyrus moved her arms in various directions and created different arm shapes while clapping her hands. In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Miley confessed that she needed to make significant changes in her life. However, changing alone was challenging, especially when her partner was not changing in the same way. As a result, Miley and Liam had to “re-fall” for each other. On Wednesday, it was announced that Miley would perform at the Billboard Music Awards, where she would deliver her first televised performance of her new track, Malibu, which is inspired by Liam.

Denim diva: The pigtail-clad star stepped out in a pair of jeans with a seam down the front, a white T-shirt which she tied up at the front and a denim painter's jacket

The famous actress, wearing pigtails, rocked a fashionable outfit consisting of front-seamed jeans, a white T-shirt tied at the front, and a denim painter’s jacket. She was the epitome of a denim diva.

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