“Miley Cyrus Flaunts Fit Abs in a Swashbuckling Outfit at My Friend’s Place Fundraiser in LA”

Miley Cyrus, who established the Happy Hippie Foundation, an association that stands for the rights of young individuals, participated in the My Friend’s Place 30th Anniversary function on Saturday night. The event took place at the Hollywood Palladium and aimed to help homeless youth all over the nation. The 25-year-old celebrity flaunted her abs as she appeared in a pirate-inspired outfit and showed her support toward the cause hosted by Jack Black. Watch the video below.

Fancy fun: On Saturday night, Miley Cyrus stepped out to attend the My Friend's Place 30th Anniversary gala at the Hollywood Palladium in support of bettering the homeless youth across the country 

Getting fancy: Miley Cyrus made an appearance on Saturday evening at the Hollywood Palladium to grace the My Friend’s Place 30th Anniversary gala with her presence, all in the name of helping homeless youths nationwide.

All dressed up: The 25-year-old singer rocked a pirate-inspired ensemble at the event

Looking fashionable: The pop star, aged 25, appeared in a pirate-themed costume for the occasion. As usual, Miley’s attire was one of a kind. Her outfit included a flowing blouse that was cut short and paired with a four-button vest. Her low-cut, cropped top revealed her dual-studded navel piercing and a collection of gold necklaces.

Sitting pretty: She teamed her outfit with a sparkling black clutch and on her feet were a pair of strappy black heels

Looking fabulous: She complemented her attire with a glittery black handbag and completed her look with some elegant black heels with straps.

Honoree: Miley is the founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation¿an organization that advocates for young people

Eclectic: She donned a billowing blouse that was cropped at the waist and layered with a four-button vest.

“Miley is the brains behind the Happy Hippie Foundation, a group that passionately fights for the rights of young people.”

Giving back: As a gift to the organization, Miley donated the boots from her infamous Wrecking Ball music video for the annual auction

Miley Cyrus has made a charitable contribution by donating the boots she wore in the notorious Wrecking Ball music video to an annual auction. This gesture is a way for her to give back to the organization and support their fundraising efforts.

Giving back: As a gift to the organization, Miley donated the boots from her infamous Wrecking Ball music video for the annual auction

She signed the boots: 'I will always love you my happy lil hippie'

The boots were marked with her signature, which reads: ‘My happy little hippie, I will always love you.’

Over here! As one of the evening's honorees, Miley spared no expense during the live auction. The outspoken pop star waved her card with vigor as she wore a huge smile on her face 

Hey, check this out! Miley was one of the guests of honor at the event and she surely didn’t hold back during the auction. With her infectious smile and enthusiasm, the bold pop icon energetically waved her card to show her support.

Natural beauty: Cyrus' glam included minimal makeup and a lengthy blonde ponytail

Miley Cyrus looked effortlessly beautiful with her subtle makeup and long blonde ponytail. She complemented her look with a stunning black clutch and strappy heels. As a generous gesture to the organization, she donated the boots from her famous Wrecking Ball music video for their annual auction. The boots were signed by Miley herself, with a heartwarming message that read, “I will always love you my happy lil hippie!”

Team effort: Cyrus was joined by some of her Happy Hippie staff

Show some skin: The plunging cropped top showed off her two-studded belly button piercing as well as a plethora of gold necklaces

Collaborative work: Cyrus teamed up with a group of her Happy Hippie employees.

Being herself: The Tennessee native made a goofy face for the camera 

Embracing her true self: The individual from Tennessee pulled a silly expression when the camera was aimed at her.

Palling around: Miley posed alongside the host of the evening Jack Black 

Hanging out: Miley Cyrus was seen taking a photo with the event’s emcee, Jack Black.

Guest of honor: Cyrus got up to receive an award for the Happy Hippie Foundation 

Cyrus was the special guest who was recognized for his contributions to the Happy Hippie Foundation. During the auction, Miley, who was also being honored that night, enthusiastically waved her card with a beaming grin on her face. She was so excited that she even stood up from her seat at one point!

'Happiest hippy ready for the MFP gala!' she said in her Instagram story prior to the event

Before the MFP gala, she shared on her Instagram story, “I’m the happiest hippy and all set for the event!”

Futurama: The Malibu singer played around with a pair of futuristic glasses 

The Malibu vocalist had some fun experimenting with a set of cutting-edge eyewear in Futurama.

'I see you miss kitty¿peepin my pony,' she said on Instagram as she flipped her long fake ponytail back and forth 

On Instagram, she humorously called out Miss Kitty for eyeing her pony while flipping her synthetic long hair. The emcee for the event, Jack Black, was dressed in a grey jeans, a blazer, and a multi-colored tie. Additionally, Maddie Ziegler, from Dance Moms, also attended the gathering. Maddie turned heads with her stunning emerald green suit and heart graphic tee, making everyone envious of her fashion sense.

Star studded: Other celebs in attendance included Jack Black and Maddie Ziegler

The event was packed with famous faces, with the likes of Jack Black and Maddie Ziegler also gracing their presence.

Showstopper! Maddie gave major fashion envy in an emerald green suit and a graphic tee

Maddie’s fashion sense was truly impressive as she rocked a stylish emerald green suit paired with a cool graphic tee. It was a showstopping look that left many envious.

Clowning around: Jack Black emceed the event in grey jeans, a blazer, and a multi-colored tie 

Having some fun: Jack Black acted as the host at the gathering, sporting a casual grey denim pants, a blazer, and a tie with a variety of colors.

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