“Miley Cyrus and Mom Tish Grace NYC with a Peaceful Vibe Before Her Saturday Night Live Gig, Hosted by Elon Musk”

On Wednesday, Miley Cyrus arrived in New York City for her upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live. Accompanied by her mother Tish, she flew across the country and was seen at JFK Airport. Upon arriving at their hotel, Miley greeted fans and guests with a friendly peace sign before heading to her room. Check out the video below.

Arrival: Miley Cyrus touched down in NYC on Wednesday evening ahead of her Saturday Night Live performance spot

On Wednesday evening, Miley Cyrus arrived in New York City for her upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live. She was spotted wearing a unique ensemble, consisting of a loosely tied gingham neck tie and an oversized black sweatshirt adorned with quirky graphics. To complete her comfortable travel look, she donned a pair of gray sweatpants featuring the ‘anarchy’ symbol and some black platform boots. Keeping it casual, the Inspired singer left her bright blonde mullet unstyled and added a pair of black RayBan shades to her outfit. Adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines, Miley made sure to wear a pale pink face mask when in close proximity to others.

Eclectic: Cyrus sported an eclectic outfit, featuring a loosely tied gingham neck tie and an oversized black sweatshirt covered in quirky graphics

Cyrus donned a unique ensemble, pairing a loosely tied gingham necktie with an oversized black sweatshirt adorned with playful graphics. The combination was undeniably eclectic and eye-catching.

Travel companion: The singer-songwriter, 28, made the cross country trip with her mother Tish, who was seen standing beside her at JFK Airport

Miley Cyrus traveled across the country with her mother Tish and was spotted at JFK Airport. As she arrived at her hotel, the singer-songwriter was carrying various items such as a motorcycle jacket and her cellphone. Her black boxy purse, adorned with gold studs, held the rest of her essentials. Miley shared several pictures of her journey on her Instagram account, providing fans with some insight into her travels.

Come along: Giving fans some insight into her cross-country travels, Miley uploaded a slew of snapshots to her Instagram

Join me on my cross-country journey as I share some interesting moments with my fans. You can catch a glimpse of my travels through numerous snapshots that I have uploaded on my Instagram account, including some taken while I was on my Delta airlines flight. One particular image features my posterior, along with a caption that reads ‘God Mode. @delta,’ followed by a flame emoji. Another photo shows me striking a peace sign pose while sitting comfortably in first class.

INneresting: Many of the snaps, including a shot of the singer's rear end, were taken during her Delta airlines flight

Fascinating: A number of photos, including one featuring the backside of the artist, were captured while she was onboard a Delta airlines plane.

'God Mode. @delta,' captioned Cyrus, followed by a single flame emoji

'God Mode. @delta,' captioned Cyrus, followed by a single flame emoji

Cyrus shared a post with the caption ‘God Mode. @delta,’ and added a flame emoji to emphasize his point.

Private time: Miley also captured several portraits while in the plane's restroom, removing her mask to stick her tongue out for the camera

During her private moments in the airplane, Miley took several snapshots of herself in the restroom. She even removed her mask to show off her tongue for the camera and playfully extended her middle finger for one shot while flaunting her trendy outfit. Additionally, she showed her love for Delta by taking a selfie while sipping from a Delta mini water bottle.

Edgy: She playfully flipped the bird for one shot as she showed off her stylish attire

Sassy: As she flaunted her fashionable outfit, she playfully made a rude gesture for one photo.

Devoted: Further expressing her Delta devotion, Cyrus posed for a selfie with a mini Delta water bottle pressed to her lips

In a show of her loyalty to Delta, Miley Cyrus took a selfie with a miniature Delta water bottle held up to her lips. The singer is set to perform on Saturday during the long-running sketch comedy show SNL, which controversial Tesla CEO Elon Musk will host. In anticipation of her appearance, Cyrus shared several sultry photos on Instagram, quoting a lyric from her 2019 hit Cattitude in her caption. Her slideshow featured the Hannah Montana star modeling sheer fur-trimmed pants with sequin embroidery, paired with plain black underwear and vinyl platform shoes. She completed the look with a loose white muscle tee tucked into the waistband of her trousers.

Duet: Cyrus is slated to perform several of her latest hits, including her remix of The Kid Laroi's hit track Without You with the 17-year-old Australian singer, himself

The upcoming performance by Cyrus will feature many of her latest hits, including the remix of The Kid Laroi’s Without You, with the young Australian singer himself. Her signature bleach-blonde mullet was styled in a tousled manner, and she chose to shield her bright blue eyes behind a large pair of sunglasses. To complete the look, Cyrus accessorized with black vinyl arm-length gloves, numerous chainlink bracelets, and an abundance of chain necklaces.

The photo session took place in a barren parking lot, where the We Can’t Stop artist posed for various shots. In one photo, she was seen flipping the bird, while in others, she snarled at the camera, hands resting on her hips or out at her sides.

Confirmed: The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus initially shared the news via Twitter, with it later being confirmed by multiple outlets, including Australia's Nine Honey

It has been confirmed that Miley Cyrus will be performing on Saturday Night Live, where she is set to sing some of her most recent hits including a remix of “Without You” with The Kid Laroi. This announcement was first made by Cyrus herself on Twitter, and later confirmed by various sources such as Nine Honey in Australia. The singer will be performing alongside her “little bro” Kid Laroi, and the show will be broadcasted live from New York. Despite having millions of followers on social media, Cyrus has faced backlash for agreeing to appear on SNL alongside Elon Musk.

Criticism: Miley, who boasts 129million Instagram followers and nearly 47million Twitter followers, has received criticism in recent weeks for agreeing to appear alongside Musk on SNL; Miley pictured on April 23

Recently, Miley Cyrus has faced criticism for agreeing to appear on SNL alongside Elon Musk. As someone with over 129 million Instagram followers and almost 47 million Twitter followers, many people expressed their disapproval of Musk being selected as the host of the show. Some fans even suggested that Miley should take on the role of both host and performer instead. The tension continued to simmer on social media this week when a fan shared a photoshopped image of Musk riding a large steel ball, which was a reference to Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” music video. This led to a back-and-forth exchange between Cyrus and Musk ahead of their upcoming collaborative performance. One Twitter user, @OwenSparks_, even suggested a potential idea for their SNL appearance.

Fan encounter: After a fan posted a photoshopped image of Musk riding a big steel ball as a nod to her Wrecking Ball music video, Cyrus and Musk exchanged words ahead of their collaborative debut

Meeting with a fan: Before their joint debut, Cyrus and Musk chatted after a fan shared a doctored image of Musk riding a large steel ball as a tribute to Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video.

Correspondence: Elon responded by tagging Miley and writing: 'Might be something there haha,' to which Cyrus triumphantly commented '@elonmusk I'm down if you are!,' adding '#MileyandMusk to the moon'

Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus recently engaged in a Twitter conversation, sparking a potential collaboration. After Musk responded to Cyrus’ tweet about a Tesla car, Cyrus suggested they work together and even included a hashtag #MileyandMusk to show her excitement. However, not all fans were happy about the possibility of the two teaming up and some expressed their disapproval on social media. Despite the negative comments, it remains to be seen if the duo will actually collaborate.

Controversial: Many had taken issue with the business mogul being tapped to host, with some pleading for Miley to do 'double duty' as host and performer instead, and things continued to brew this week on Twitter; Musk pictured in 2020

It caused quite a stir when the business magnate was selected to host, and there were numerous objections raised about it. Some even suggested that it would be better if Miley took on both hosting and performing duties instead. The debate continued to simmer on Twitter throughout the week, as evidenced by a photo of Musk from 2020.

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