Miley Cyrus Advises Fans to Exercise Restraint During These Unprecedented Times

Miley Cyrus has recently advised her followers to avoid hoarding essential items during the current COVID-19 outbreak. In support of her statement, she shared a video clip from her popular TV show, Hannah Montana.

In a recent tweet, Cyrus reminded people to be considerate and humane during the preparation for social distancing. She advised against hoarding supplies, as it can result in increased prices and scarcity of necessities, leaving others without essential items. Cyrus encouraged everyone to practice restraint during this time.

In a recent statement, she expressed that making wise decisions while in a state of panic is challenging. She advised her followers to avoid being inconsiderate by succumbing to their fears and instead take care of each other. She believes that there are enough resources for everyone if we work together. Moreover, she shared a humorous handwashing meme featuring lyrics from her 2009 hit song “The Climb” and emphasized the importance of washing hands during this time. She also encouraged people to lead during this crisis.

During this crisis, many musicians like Cyrus have been using their platforms to speak up. Recently, Taylor Swift joined in by using her Instagram to urge her fans to stay at home.

Swift urged people to cancel their plans, isolate themselves as much as possible, and not assume that feeling healthy means they can’t transmit the virus to vulnerable populations. She acknowledged that the situation is scary, but emphasized the need for sacrifices. Similarly, Grande emphasized the importance of government support for staying at home and reducing the risk of infection. She also advised her fans to postpone non-essential activities, such as hip hop yoga classes.

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