“Kim K flaunts a stunning 21-pound weight loss in Paris with her £2,300 favourite Pantaleggings during Fashion Week”

Kim Kardashian has proudly shown off her slimmer figure once again while attending the Dior Homme Menswear Spring Summer 2023 show in Paris with her daughter North. The reality star, who recently shared that she lost an impressive 21lbs, donned a skintight ensemble that highlighted her curves and toned physique. As always, Kim opted for her favorite £2,300 Pantaleggings, which have become a staple in her wardrobe. With all eyes on her, Kim effortlessly proved that she’s still got it.

Gorgeous in green: Kim Kardashian put her svelte figure on display in another skintight ensemble on Tuesday as she stepped out in Paris with daughter North, nine, amid Haute Couture Fashion Week

Bootylicious! Kim's famous curves were on display

Kim Kardashian flaunted her enviable body in a tight-fitting ensemble while accompanying her daughter, North, who is nine years old, during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The reality TV star’s slender curves were accentuated by her fitted camouflage T-shirt that matched her bright neon green leggings. Her newly lightened hair was left loose to frame her beautiful features while she added a touch of glamour to her outfit with oversized shades and a shimmering silver handbag. North also showed off her fashion sense, taking after her famous parents.

Two's company: Proving that she follows in her famous parents' footsteps, North looked every inch the mini fashionista as she joined her mother on the outing

The adorable North West showed off her fashionable side during a recent outing with her mother, proving that she inherited her parents’ impeccable sense of style. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian turned heads as usual by wearing her favorite pair of Pantaleggings, worth a whopping £2300 and a staple in her wardrobe.

Here they are: Kim's mother Kris Jenner and her partner Corey Gamble were also in attendance

Look who showed up! Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, and her beau, Corey Gamble, were present at the event.

Group outing: The famous family were sure to attract attention as they stepped out in Paris

During their outing in Paris, the well-known family undoubtedly drew attention. Kim’s daughter, who she shares with her estranged husband Kanye West, stood out with her unique sense of style. She wore a vintage bomber jacket from her dad’s former streetwear brand and carried a mini Balenciaga bag worth £1,350, paired with hard wedged crocs from a Spanish fashion line that cost £675. To complete the look, North sported cobalt rimmed sunglasses and chunky braids in her hair. While Kim is known for her sensational fashion choices, her recent preference for spandex Pantaleggings has become somewhat predictable.

Dressed to impress: The item has certainly highlighted her recent weight loss, after revealing she had managed to drop even more pounds after her astonishing weight-loss journey for the Met Gala

Two's company: Kim chatted away with North as they made their way to the show

Looking sharp: The outfit definitely showcased her recent slimming down, following her incredible weight loss journey for the Met Gala. Kim didn’t hold back with her eye-catching neon green clothing choice.

Trendy: North - who Kim shares with estranged husband Kanye West - made a style statement of her own as she paired a vintage bomber jacket from her dad's former streetwear brand

Popular: North, Kim’s daughter whom she shares with her separated spouse Kanye West, rocked a unique fashion look by combining a classic bomber jacket from her father’s former streetwear label.

Looks familiar: North borrowed from dad Kanye's wardrobe in one of his vintage Pastelle jackets (Kanye pictured right in 2008)

Looks familiar: Kanye donned a Pastelle jacket for the 2008 American Music Awards

It seems like North took some inspiration from her dad, Kanye’s wardrobe. She was spotted wearing one of his classic Pastelle jackets that he wore back in 2008.

Price tag: With no expense spared on North's ensemble, the youngster toted a mini Balenciaga bag, which retails for £1,350

Price point: North was decked out in a high-end outfit, complete with a tiny Balenciaga purse that comes with a hefty price tag of £1,350. No expenses were spared for the youngster’s ensemble.

Just the two of us: The mother and daughter duo were sure to turn plenty of heads in their quirky fashion ensembles

Anything you can do: Like her mother, North sported oversized sunglasses

The unique and unconventional fashion choices of the mother-daughter duo caught the attention of many onlookers as they strutted their stuff.

Price tag: With no expense spared on North's ensemble, the adorable youngster toted a mini Balenciaga bag, which retails for £1,350 and hard wedged crocs from the Spanish fashion line costing £675

She put on a pair of chunky wedge crocs from a high-end Spanish fashion brand that came with a hefty price tag of £675.

Wow! Kim certainly stood out in her luminous outfit as she held hands with her daughter

Oh my! Kim looked absolutely stunning in her dazzling attire while walking hand-in-hand with her daughter. It’s no wonder that her outfit drew attention to her recent weight loss. In fact, she has managed to shed even more pounds since her impressive transformation for the Met Gala. You might recall that Kim lost an incredible 16 pounds in just two weeks to fit into the iconic dress that Marilyn Monroe wore at JFK’s birthday party in 1962. It’s worth noting that Marilyn had to be sewn into the dress which she wore while singing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ three months before her untimely passing.

All together: Kim was joined by her publicist pal Tracy Romulus and her daughter Ryan

Kim was accompanied by her dear friend and publicist Tracy Romulus, as well as her lovely daughter Ryan.

Style: Like her pal North, young Ryan showed off her own sense of style in an oversized lilac shirt and loose fitting black trousers

Fashion: She added a white crop top and black and white checked slip-on trainers to her look

In the same fashion as North, Ryan expressed her individual style by sporting a large lavender shirt and comfortable black pants.

Outing: Kris, Corey, Tracey and Ryan were out in force on Tuesday

Hangout: Kris, Corey, Tracey, and Ryan enjoyed each other’s company and spent time together on Tuesday.

Matriarch: The momager looked sharp in an all-black ensemble teamed with stylish accessories

The mother and manager, also known as the “momager,” appeared fashionable in her all-black outfit paired with trendy accessories.

Look who it is: North and Kim turned plenty of heads as they stepped out

How about this: “Well, well, well! Guess who we spotted? None other than North and Kim causing quite a stir as they made their way out.”

That's my girl: Kim held on tightly to her eldest child's hand as they made their way outside

Bold look: The two rocked bright ensembles for the outing

As they stepped out into the open air, Kim grasped her oldest child’s hand firmly – what a great mother-daughter duo!

Steeping out on her own: North West has undoubtedly been influenced by her parents' style choices

It’s clear that North West has inherited her fashion sense from her famous parents, who have undoubtedly played a huge role in shaping her style. As she starts to explore the world on her own, we can only imagine the fashion-forward looks she’ll come up with.

Loving life: North appeared to be loving the attention her outfit brought

Happy days: The young star flashed a brought smile

North seemed to be enjoying the spotlight as she basked in the admiration her attire was receiving.

Turning heads: Kim put a protective arm around the daughter she shares with ex Kanye

Kim Kardashian caught everyone’s attention as she wrapped her arm around her daughter, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kanye West, in a protective gesture.

In step: The mother and daughter duo were in sync as they strutted down the street

During their stroll, the mother-daughter duo displayed perfect synchronization. Kim Kardashian made an appearance on the Today show and revealed that she had shed an additional 5lbs since the Met Gala, bringing her total weight loss to 21lbs. She refuted claims that she had damaged the famous Marilyn dress and cited Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, the current owner of the garment, as evidence. According to Ripley’s, the seams were already torn and worn according to a 2017 report. Despite receiving criticism for her drastic weight loss, Kim defended herself by stating that she viewed it as a role.

Kim was seen wearing the same Balenciaga attire three times in the span of five days, proving that it’s okay to repeat outfits. In fact, the experience taught her valuable lessons about her lifestyle and health. As a result, she started eating healthier and has lost 21lbs. Kim feels more energetic than ever and has cut out sugar, junk food, and fried items from her diet. She declares that she doesn’t want to lose any more weight and is content with her current state. Kim is a busy mother of four – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm – whom she shares with her ex-husband Kanye, from whom she separated in February 2021.

Shrinking: While appearing on the Today show, Kim revealed that she had taken off a further 5lbs since the Met Gala, resulting in a total weight loss of 21lbs

Slimming down: During her appearance on the Today show, Kim Kardashian shared that she managed to shed off an additional 5lbs after the Met Gala event. This brings her total weight loss to 21lbs.

Accusations: She also denied allegations that she had damaged the Marilyn dress, noting that Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, which has the frock in its possession, took her side The strap is pictured before (left)

Accusations: The strap is pictured after she wore it

Denial of Accusations: She refuted the claims that she caused harm to the Marilyn dress and pointed out that Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, who currently owns the garment, supported her stance. The strap of the dress is shown in photos taken both before (on the left) and after (on the right) she wore it.

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