“Jason Statham’s Latest Action Flick Trailer Packs a Punch with Its Brutal Scenes”

The movie trailer of Jason Statham’s latest film, The Beekeeper, is now out. In this movie, Statham portrays the role of a beekeeper who works for an elderly lady. Unfortunately, the woman becomes a victim of online phishing scammers, leading her to commit suicide. Seeking revenge, Statham’s character infiltrates the brightly-lit offices of the scammers and unleashes his fury before destroying the place. This, in turn, draws the attention of Jeremy Irons’ character.

The content unveils that Statham’s character has a dual role, not just as a beekeeper tending to bees. He belongs to an undercover group of individuals known as The Beekeepers who aim to safeguard the hive and rectify the flaws in the world systems. Interestingly, the scammers involved in phishing are part of a larger network of illegal money transfers that involve corruption among the elites. This plot provides the ideal platform for Statham to showcase his action skills in the trailer, where he covers an individual in honey and ignites them.

Statham and Ayer have teamed up to bring us exactly what we’d expect- a thrilling movie. In addition to Statham and Irons, the cast includes Emmy-Raver Lampman from The Umbrella Academy, Minnie Driver from Starstruck, Phylicia Rashad from Creed trilogy, and Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games franchise. UK cinemas will release The Beekeeper on January 12 while Meg 2: The Trench and Expendables 4/Expend4bles are still showing in select cinemas.

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