Jason Statham Opens Up About His Risky Stunts And Regrets: “I Learned My Lesson the Hard Way”

Jason Statham, the famous actor renowned for his fearless performances in movies, has recently revealed his experiences with severe injuries. Keep reading to learn more!

Famous actor Jason Statham has faced numerous injuries throughout his acting career due to his daring stunts. The 55-year-old star has engaged in various action-packed performances in films, resulting in several injuries such as a torn bicep and nearly crashing to the ground at a speed of 30 miles per hour. According to ‘Female First UK’, Statham has admitted that he regrets doing some of these dangerous stunts.

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In an interview with Collider, Jasoп spoke about some of the challenges he faced while filming action scenes. He mentioned that during the shooting of “Craпk,” they hung out of a real helicopter for some scenes, which was unusual as most helicopter scenes were usually shot against a green screen. Jasoп specifically mentioned a fight scene where he had to stand on the skids of the helicopter, which was a tricky stunt to perform.

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According to a quote from “Female First UK,” Jason Statham mentioned that there were a couple of challenging jumps in a particular movie, one of which involved him hanging onto a gold tail and performing an almost blind jump over a car park. He also talked about a dangerous stunt he performed in “Transporter 2,” where he jumped from the back of a jet ski onto the back of a bus without any safety wires. Although he admits this was not a very safe stunt, he went ahead with it anyway. Statham recognizes that some of the things he has done in his career are silly and risky, such as the potential faceplant at 30 mph into concrete if he had missed the back of the bus.

Jason Statham says he is nothing like hardman he plays and avoids fights on  set - Mirror Online

According to Jason Statham, the most irritating things are often the ones that require one to push through and finish what they’ve started, such as dealing with muscle injuries while watching a movie. Most of these issues stem from minor annoyances like soft tissue and joint problems. Statham himself has experienced various injuries over time from performing stunts and taking falls, including neck pain and other accumulated injuries.

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