“Global Citizen Live: Jennifer Lopez, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, and Kylie Minogue own NYC, Paris, and London with electrifying performances”

On Saturday, the Global Citizen Live festival witnessed electrifying performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Jennifer Lopez, Billie Eilish, and Coldplay wowed the audience with their spectacular performances in New York City’s Central Park. Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue performed her greatest hits in London, while Doja Cat delivered a flashy performance near Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower. The festival featured a star-studded lineup of artists, spanning six continents, with Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Sydney, and Lagos hosting major performances as well. The show was led by Jennifer Lopez and Billie Eilish, who left the audience in awe with their stunning performances in Central Park, while Doja Cat set the City of Lights aglow with her steamy performance near the Eiffel Tower.

Glorious: Jennifer took to the stage draped in an opulent coat covered with what looked life colorful religious icons

Jennifer made a grand appearance on stage, adorned in a luxurious coat adorned with vibrant religious symbols. The 52-year-old singer was joined by some familiar faces, such as rappers LL Cool J and Ja Rule, to perform some of her greatest hits. However, the star wasted no time shedding her extravagant outerwear to unveil a dazzling, tight-fitting ensemble beneath. She flaunted her toned physique and impressive biceps in a plunging bodysuit embellished with intricate gold designs comprising of beads and sequins.

Backup: The 52-year-old actress and pop star brought out some old friends including rappers LL Cool J and Ja Rule to help play some of her most popular tunes

Backing up her performance, the talented 52-year-old actress and pop sensation reunited with some familiar faces such as rappers LL Cool J and Ja Rule to give the audience a nostalgic blast from the past with her hit songs.

Revealing: But the Hustlers star quickly stripped down to reveal a sparkling form-fitting outfit underneath

Surprising everyone, the lead actress of Hustlers swiftly shed her clothes to display a glittering and snug ensemble that was concealed beneath.

Looking good: She showed off her incredibly fit figure and bulging biceps a bodysuit with a plunging top

Golden Goddess: The sleeveless look featured gorgeous gold designs featuring beads and sequins

The article highlights the appearance of Jennifer, who showcased her toned physique and impressive biceps in a bodysuit with a plunging neckline. The sleeveless attire had beautiful gold designs adorned with beads and sequins. Additionally, she complemented her outfit with a bedazzled microphone that shimmered in gold. Her wavy caramel-colored hair cascaded down her back and swayed in the wind as she made an appearance alongside the rapper LL Cool J. The latter opted for a casual look, sporting a red tracksuit with a white graphic T-shirt from Dolce & Gabbana, along with a zip-up hoodie and matching sweatpants. His outfit was completed by a red Dolce & Gabbana ski cap.

On point: Jennifer matched her equipment to her ensemble with a sparkling gold bedazzled microphone

Waving: The hitmaker wore her long caramel-colored locks in thick wavy strands running down her back and fluttering in the breeze

Jennifer made sure to coordinate her gear with her outfit by using a dazzling golden microphone. Her lovely caramel-colored hair was styled in voluminous waves that cascaded down her back and swayed gently in the wind.

Special guest: Making a special appearance with J.Lo was the influential rapper LL Cool J, who arrived looking totally casual in a red tracksuit

J.Lo was joined by a surprise guest, the highly-respected rapper LL Cool J, who made an appearance in a laid-back manner wearing a red tracksuit.

Seeing red: He had on a white Dolce & Gabbana graphic T-shirt with a zip-up hoodie and matching sweatpants

Suited up: The hip hop icon completed the low-key look with a red ski cap, also from Dolce & Gabbana

In the performance, the renowned hip hop artist was dressed in a matching white Dolce & Gabbana outfit consisting of a graphic T-shirt, sweatpants, and a zip-up hoodie. He accessorized with a red ski cap, also from Dolce & Gabbana. The duo, who have been friends for a long time, performed their 2002 hit “All I Have” from Jennifer’s third studio album “This Is Me… Then.” Although J.Lo has performed the song numerous times, it is a rare opportunity for her to sing it with her original duet partner. Jennifer is known for incorporating dance numbers into her performances, and she didn’t disappoint on Saturday. Her backup singers, dressed in graphic satin shirts and matching satin pants, added to the show’s glamor. The men’s chiseled abs were highlighted by the shirts only being buttoned at the top, while the female dancers showed off their golden bras. In a surprising move, Ja Rule, who seldom performs hip hop, joined Jennifer on stage for a rendition of the remixed version of their track “I’m Real.”

Classic: The old friends performed their 2002 hit All I Have, which was featured on Jennifer's third studio album This Is Me... Then

Rarity: Although she's performed it several times, including at her 2016 Las Vegas residency, it's rare for J.Lo to get to sing the song with her original duet partner

Reworded: Jennifer and her long-time pal took the stage to perform their 2002 smash hit “All I Have,” which was part of her third album “This is Me…Then.” Although the tune has been part of her repertoire for several years, even during her residency in Las Vegas back in 2016, it’s not often that J.Lo gets to sing alongside her original duet mate.

Dancing up a storm: The actress makes her dance numbers a major part of her performance, and she didn't disappoint on Saturday

Shaking it like a pro: The female performer always gives her best shot at her dance routines, and she certainly didn’t fail to impress the audience on Saturday.

Silky: She had a bevy of backup singers dressed in graphic satin shirts and matching satin pants

Silky had a group of supporting vocalists who were attired in stylish satin blouses and coordinated satin trousers.

Stage surfing: Jennifer was lifted above the stage gracefully by her dancers

During her performance, Jennifer was elegantly propelled above the stage by her group of dancers in an exciting stage-surfing act.

Showing off: The shirts were only buttoned at the top, highlighting the men's chiseled abs, while the female dancers showed off their golden bras

Exhibiting: The men’s abs were highlighted by their shirts, which were only buttoned at the top, while the female dancers flaunted their golden bras. Soon after Jennifer, Billie Eilish performed her iconic song Bad Guy. She chose her typical loose-fitting attire, a white T-shirt with floral designs that hid her form, along with an unexpected snake design on her chest. Her recently dyed blonde hair was styled in messy pig tails and she completed the casual look with white Nike trainers and matching high socks. During her performance, Billie paused to express her feelings of hopelessness about the lack of concern people have for the world and urged President Biden and the US to continue investing in fighting climate change. She made her set a family affair by bringing out her brother Finneas, who co-writes most of her songs and produced both of her studio albums. While she sang, he rocked out on a matte black bass.

Billie Eilish followed Jennifer with the song most identified with her, Bad Guy. She opted for one of her standard form-hiding looks with an ultra-baggy white T-shirt decorated with floral designs and a surprising snake over her chest

After Jennifer’s performance, Billie Eilish took the stage with her signature hit, Bad Guy. She chose to wear one of her usual outfits that conceals her form – an oversized white T-shirt adorned with flowers, along with a striking serpent graphic on her chest.

New 'do: She wore her recently dyed blond tresses in messy pig tails

Making a statement: She urged President Biden and the US to continue spending to fight climate change during a pause in her set

Fresh hairstyle: With her messy pig tails showcasing her newly dyed blond hair, she kept it casual by pairing it with white Nike trainers and matching high socks. While taking a break in her performance, she called on President Biden and the US government to persistently allocate funds towards the fight against climate change.

Family affair: The hitmaker brought out her brother Finneas, who co-writes most of her songs and produced both of her studio albums

During a recent musical event, Billie Eilish, the talented artist who has produced two popular studio albums, made it a family affair by bringing out her brother Finneas, who co-writes most of her songs and produces them too. Coldplay, on the other hand, decided to experiment with rock music for their performance in New York, with frontman Chris Martin focusing mostly on his vocals, dressed casually in a charcoal T-shirt and a black jacket. The band was gracious enough to share the stage with other big names such as Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, and even allowed classical music sensation Lang Lang to take over on the piano, despite Chris being a competent pianist himself.

Rocking out: Coldplay temporarily departed from the pop music for a dose of rock in New York

Low key: Frontman Chris Martin mostly stuck to vocals for the performance while wearing a charcoal T-shirt and a casual black jacket

In a recent gig in New York, Coldplay took a break from their usual pop style and delved into the world of rock. During the performance, lead singer Chris Martin took on mainly vocal duties dressed in a laid-back charcoal T-shirt and black jacket.

Collaborators: The generous band shared the spotlight with Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes during their all-star performance

Onstage, the band showed their generosity by sharing the limelight with other talented performers such as Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, and Shawn Mendes. It was an all-star performance that showcased the best of each artist and their musical talents.

The master: Even though Chris is a perfectly serviceable pianist, he let classical music superstar Lang Lang take over at the piano

Chris, who is a decent pianist himself, stepped back to let classical music superstar Lang Lang take over at the piano. Meanwhile, Doja Cat put on a spectacular show for her fans at a French event, performing her hit songs in a daring ensemble of a revealing bra and minuscule underwear. Adorned with ribbons and white boots, the singer’s makeup was stunning, featuring black eyeliner and dark red lipstick as she belted out crowd favorites like Need To Know, Juicy, and Rules.

Wow: Doja Cat also performed hits for her fans at the French show

Quirky: Hanging off her were ribbons, and she opted for chunky white boots on her feet, while she had a flawlessly applied layer of make up on complete with black eyeliner and dark red lipstick

Impressive! Doja Cat treated her fans to an unforgettable performance at the French show. She accessorized with ribbons and rocked chunky white boots, all while sporting a perfectly applied layer of makeup that included black eyeliner and dark red lipstick.

Lightened locks: Doja showed off with a playfully messy platinum blond bob

Doja flaunted a fun and carefree platinum blonde bob with tousled locks.

Sensational: The Say So hitmaker pranced around on stage wearing a very racy ensemble of a busty bra and barely-there knickers

Crowd pleaser: She ran through renditions of some of her best known songs, including Need To Know, Juicy and Rules

The Say So superstar entertained the crowd with her daring choice of outfit, consisting of a revealing bra and scanty panties. Her performance included popular hits such as Need To Know, Juicy, and Rules. Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue wowed the audience in London with her shimmery red asymmetrical dress before changing into a stunning cut-out black number for her act. Kylie exuded confidence as she sashayed around the stage in her red sparkly dress with one shoulder, then later in her semi-sheer black LBD. She sang her heart out at Sky Garden, captivating the audience with her powerhouse vocals. Pink glitter eyeshadow adorned her lips, and she coated her pout with layers of glossy lip paint. The 24-hour event aimed to support the planet and combat poverty, and it drew tremendous support from A-listers like Priyanka Chopra, Will.I.Am, and Stormzy.

Amazing: A host of stars were out in force for the Global Citizen Live event on Saturday night, and Kylie Minogue brought the glamour as she took to the stage in a glittery red asymmetrical dress

Beauty: She looked very glamorous in the ensembles while her blonde locks were styled in a middle parting and natural waves

Incredible: The Global Citizen Live event saw a plethora of celebrities grace the stage on Saturday evening, including the stunning Kylie Minogue who dazzled in a sparkly red asymmetrical dress before switching to a sultry little black number. She wowed the crowd with her powerful vocals and electrifying performance as part of the 24-hour long event that strives to protect our planet and combat poverty.

Gorgeous: Taking place across six continents, the occasion will feature a slew of famous faces coming to together to enact change

Walk this way: Kylie appeared in her element as she strutted around the stage in the one shouldered red sparkly dress, before slipping in the semi-sheer black LBD

Kylie looked like a total pro as she confidently walked around the stage wearing a stunning one-shouldered red dress covered in sparkles. She then effortlessly transitioned into a sexy semi-sheer black little black dress.

Soul sister: The Can't Get You Out Of My Head hitmaker pulled out all the stops as she belted out tunes at Sky Garden to the audience

The Can’t Get You Out Of My Head singer went all out as she sang her heart out to the crowd at Sky Garden, earning the title of “soul sister.” Meanwhile, across the pond in New York, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes pulled out all the stops during their performance in Central Park. The couple made their romance a part of the show as they shared a steamy kiss on stage while performing their hit single Señorita. Camila stunned in a colorful outfit, while Shawn kept it casual with a cozy sweater vest.

Loved up: Camila Cabello, 24, and Shawn Mendes, 23, made their romance part of the show at Global Citizen Live in New York City on Saturday amid a performance of their number one hit Señorita

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes showed off their love on stage during their performance of Señorita at Global Citizen Live in New York City. The 24-year-old Havana singer donned a stunning blouse with an oil slick-inspired violet pattern, accentuated with swirls of orange and red. Her top was left partly open to reveal her cleavage, which she highlighted with a small corset around her midriff, highlighting her hourglass figure. She completed the custom outfit with hip-hugging pants and colorful combat boots in the same pattern. Meanwhile, Camila’s long raven locks were styled in voluminous waves cascading down her back.

Sweet: The couple paused for a passionate kiss in front of the crowd at Manhattan's Central Park

Lovely: Amidst the bustling crowd at Central Park in Manhattan, the couple seized a moment to share a passionate kiss.

Colorful: The Havana singer had on a flowing blouse with an oil slick¿like violet pattern that was enlivened with swirls of orange and red

Curves: She highlighted her cleavage with the top, which was left partly open, and wore a small corset around her midriff to emphasize her hourglass figure

Vivid: The songstress from Havana sported a loose-fitting top adorned with a striking violet design reminiscent of oil slicks. The blouse boasted vibrant swirls of orange and red that added to its colorful appeal. To accentuate her curves, she wore a midriff corset while leaving the top partially open, drawing attention to her cleavage.

Coordinated: The custom outfit featured hip-hugging pants and colorful combat boots in the same pattern

The singer from Cuba made quite a statement with her unique outfit. It consisted of tight pants that emphasized the hips and combat boots that matched the pattern. The opening act was none other than her hit single Havana, which featured a group of backup dancers wearing bodysuits designed with blue and green swirls. Camila and her team then showed off their Latin dance moves in an extended performance. She appeared to be having a lot of fun and playfully stuck her tongue out for the camera. After that, she lowered the tempo with her top-ten song Never Be The Same, which was included in her debut album. As the star of Cinderella, she certainly knows how to command attention and put on a great show.

Chart topper: The Cuban-born singer fittingly opened her set with her hit single Havana, with a bevy of backup dancers in similarly designed bodysuits with swirls of blue and green

The singer from Cuba started her performance with her famous track Havana. Her dancers wore bodysuits designed with blue and green swirls. It was a perfect match for the singer’s song.

Shaking it: Afterward, Camila and her dancers showed off their moves with an extended Latin dance. She seemed to be having a great time and happily mugged for the camera and stuck her tongue out playfully

Getting down: Later on, Camila and her backup dancers flaunted their dance skills with a lively Latin routine. It was evident that she was thoroughly enjoying herself as she posed for the camera with a playful tongue-out expression.

Slowing down: Next up, the Cinderella star turned the mood down a bit with her top-10 hit Never Be The Same, which was also featured on her debut album

The next performance from the talented Cinderella star took a more mellow turn as she sang her hit single “Never Be The Same”, which was also included in her debut album. Camila then added a touch of romance to her show as her beau, Shawn Mendes, joined her on stage. Shawn looked dashing in his orange sweater vest with white borders and black jeans while playing his acoustic guitar as they both sang passionately. After the song ended, the couple shared a sweet kiss, and Shawn held Camila tightly in his arms. The songstress expressed her excitement for Shawn’s upcoming solo performance, saying, “Are you guys excited for him to play after? Me frickin’ too!” Later on, Shawn captivated the audience with his solo rendition of “In My Blood.”

Partnered: Camila leaned into the romance with her next song as her beau Shawn Mendes came out on stage. He wore an orange sweater vest with white trim, as well as a simple set of black jeans. He strummed along on his acoustic guitar while he and his love soared on the vocals

Collaborated: Camila enhanced the romantic vibes of her latest track as her partner Shawn Mendes joined her on stage. Donning an orange sweater vest complemented by white accents, paired with classic black jeans, he strummed his acoustic guitar while blending harmoniously with Camila’s voice.

Loved up: Once they had wrapped up the song, Camila leaned in for a kiss and Shawn wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace

Feeling the love: After finishing their tune, Camila went in for a smooch and Shawn held her close in a tight hug.

Passionate: Later in the evening, Shawn rocked out solo with a rendition of In My Blood

Full of enthusiasm, Shawn took the stage later in the evening and delivered a solo performance of In My Blood. Lizzo, on the other hand, chose to go with vibrant colors for her appearance in Central Park. She appeared completely enveloped in pink, along with her backup dancers and stage decorations. The singer flaunted her curves in a Barbie-esque vinyl bodysuit that featured slim straps and laces running up her legs. Initially, she was seen wearing hot pink ruffled sleeves that she later discarded during her performance which included a flute solo. The backup dancers were also adorned in single-shoulder unitards, with thick circular cut-outs over their sides and dangling laces. One of Lizzo’s most recognizable tracks, Good As Hell, was a part of her performance.

Pretty in pink: Lizzo also opted for bright colors when she took to the stage in Central Park. The rapper and singer was completely bathed in pink, as were her backup dancers and backdrops

Lizzo went for a bold and vibrant look during her performance at Central Park. The talented rapper and singer, along with her backup dancers and backdrops, were all decked out in various shades of pink.

Showing off: She put her curves on display in a Barbie pink vinyl bodysuit with slim straps and laces running up her legs

Flaunting: She proudly showcased her feminine figure in a vibrant pink vinyl onesie, featuring delicate straps and laces that elegantly trailed up her legs.

Costume change: The Truth Hurts singer wore festive hot pink ruffled sleeves, though she shed them later in her performance. Her dancers were dressed up in single-shoulder unitard with thick circular cut-outs over their sides with dangling laces

Lizzo, the popular singer of Truth Hurts, sported a vibrant hot pink outfit with ruffled sleeves that matched the joyful vibe of her performance. However, she later changed into a different costume, shedding the sleeves. Her dancers wore single-shoulder unitards with circular cut-outs on their sides, adorned with dangling laces.

Shredding: Lizzo sang one of her most identifiable tracks, Good As Hell, and made sure to make room for her flute playing

During the Global Citizen Live event, Lizzo showcased her musical talents by performing one of her recognizable songs, Good As Hell, and even incorporated her flute skills into the act. This event is part of Global Citizen’s 2021 campaign, which focuses on a Recovery Plan For The World that aims to put an end to COVID-19, hunger, promote education, protect the environment, and advance equality. Priyanka Chopra was also present at the event as a host in Paris. She looked stunning in a sky blue skater dress with a floral hem and cinched waist. Her hair was styled in lovely waves, and she kept her makeup minimal with neutral lipstick and dark eyeliner.

Born entertainer: The actress put on an animated display as she warmed the crowd up at the Paris concert

The performer has a natural talent for captivating her audience. During the Paris concert, she exhibited a lively and engaging performance, effectively getting the crowd hyped up.

Joining the fight: Bridget Moynihan and Katie Holmes worked as a duo to warm up the crowd between performances. Bridget wore a lovely black dress while Katie stayed the queen of casual wear with a white T-shirt and high-waisted jeans

Bridget Moynihan and Katie Holmes teamed up to engage the audience during breaks between performances. Bridget opted for an elegant black dress, while Katie kept it casual yet chic in a white T-shirt and high-waisted jeans. Billy Porter and comedian Amber Ruffin made a statement with their striking burgundy outfits as they announced the next performer. Billy stole the show with his matching blouse and slacks, while Amber rocked a red leopard print tuxedo. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero sported black baseball caps promoting their Bodega Boys podcast during their appearance on stage. Rachel Brosnahan, best known for her role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, paired an intriguing sleeveless coat with black blouse and gray slacks during her New York appearance. She was accompanied by Yasmine Sherif, director of the Education Cannot Wait fund, who donned a cozy black coat. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle displayed their love for each other during their New York appearance. Harry kept things classic with a black suit sans tie, while Meghan stunned in a cream-colored dress adorned with beaded daisy petals on the collar and hem.

Seeing red: Billy Porter and comedian Amber Ruffin both rocked out in lustrous burgundy ensembles

Contrasts: Billy wore a striking blouse and matching slacks, while Amber had on a leopard print tuxedo

Witnessing the color of passion: Billy Porter and comedian Amber Ruffin both donned shiny burgundy attire. Billy sported a stunning blouse with matching trousers, whereas Amber opted for a leopard print tuxedo.

Inseparable: Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, of Desus & Mero fame, both wore black baseball caps repping the Bodega Boys podcast when they took to the stage

Matching: Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, was accompanied by Yasmine Sherif, the director of the fund Education Cannot Wait, who wore a fuzzy black coat

Indivisible: Onstage, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, the iconic duo from Desus & Mero, rocked identical black baseball caps that represented their Bodega Boys podcast. Meanwhile, Rachel Brosnahan, the star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, was accompanied by Yasmine Sherif, the director of Education Cannot Wait fund, who kept warm in a cozy black coat.

Cute: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put on a loved-up display during their appearance at the New York stage. Harry skipped a tie and went with a classic black suit, while Meghan looked radiant in a cream-colored dress with beaded daisies petals around the collar and hem

Adorable: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looked absolutely smitten during their recent appearance on the New York stage. Harry ditched the tie and opted for a classic black suit, while Meghan stunned in a cream-colored dress adorned with beaded daisy petals around the collar and hemline. Meanwhile, The Black Eyed Peas rocked neon workout gear during their performance in the City of Lights. Will.I.am sported a pastel green zip-up jacket with pink rings radiating over his shoulders, along with matching shorts, a sporty orange cap-style hat, and chunky black sunglasses. J Rey Soul (also known as Jessica Reynoso) showcased her toned abs in a pink crop top paired with white shorts donning geometric patterns. She covered up with a white mesh jacket and wore her dark tresses in a chic high ponytail.

Star-studded: The Black Eyed Peas, including Will.I.am, Jessica Reynoso aka J. Rey Soul, Taboo and Apl.de performed for the crowd in Paris

The highly-anticipated performance in Paris featured a lineup of music superstars including Will.I.am, J. Rey Soul, Taboo and Apl.de of The Black Eyed Peas. The stage was graced by their electric performance to entertain the eager crowd.

Quirky outfits: The band donned neon gym gear for the energetic performance

Unconventional Attire: The musical group sported bright and bold athletic wear during their lively show.

Taking a stand: In Britain, the organization will call on business and government leaders to show continued global leadership through a successful COP26 ¿ the biggest climate summit since the 2015 Paris Agreement

The organization is urging leaders in the UK to take a strong stance on climate change by leading a successful COP26 summit, which is set to be the largest since the Paris Agreement in 2015. Meanwhile, at a concert in Paris, Ed Sheeran performed his popular songs while wearing his signature black top and jeans ensemble. He played his hit songs such as Shape of You and Shivers while strumming away on his acoustic guitar. Along with calling on government and business leaders to show global leadership, the organization is also encouraging private companies to join the Race To Zero coalition to prevent a temperature rise of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Top line up: Also performing in front of thousands of Parisians was Ed Sheeran, who donned his usual low-key performing outfit of a black top and jeans.

One of the headliners in Paris, attracting a massive audience, was none other than Ed Sheeran. His trademark casual attire of a black shirt and jeans was on display as he took to the stage.

Having fun: Ed belted out his plethora of hits to the audience while he strummed on his guitar

Crowd pleasers: His performance included his hit Shape Of You and his newer single Shivers

Enjoying the Moment: Ed passionately delivered his collection of popular tunes to the lively crowd as he skillfully played his guitar. The setlist consisted of favorites like Shape Of You alongside his latest release, Shivers.

Enacting change: Global Citizen UK will also be asking the private sector to join the Race To Zero coalition in an attempt to avoid a global temperature rise greater than 1.5 degrees Celsius

Global Citizen UK intends to urge the private sector to join the Race To Zero coalition to prevent a global temperature increase of over 1.5 degrees Celsius. During his performance in front of the Eiffel Tower, Elton John had the crowd singing along to his classic hit “Tiny Dancer.” He then shared his experiences fighting against AIDS and how the lessons he’s learned can be applied to the ongoing battle against COVID-19. John emphasized the importance of following science and ensuring no one gets left behind, highlighting that while most individuals at the event had received the COVID-19 vaccine, only four percent in Africa have been vaccinated. He wore a unique green suit decorated with floral patterns and pink-tinged glasses.

Sing-along: Elton John had the crowd in Paris singing along with him as he led a rendition of his classic Tiny Dancer from in front of the Eiffel Tower

In an entertaining show in Paris, Elton John managed to get the audience to sing along with him while he performed his classic hit song Tiny Dancer right in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Passionate: Afterward, he urged the audience to take to heart lessons he'd learned from the fight against AIDS in battle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Enthusiastic: Following the event, he strongly encouraged the crowd to apply the lessons he had learned from fighting AIDS to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, close friends Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert showcased their impressive vocal abilities with a striking duet. Demi looked sharp in a sleek black blazer paired with a matching crop top and flowing black cargo pants. Adam rocked a silver-and-black gingham jacket with a black tank top, leather pants, and towering platform heels. To end their performance, Demi delivered a haunting cover of Tears For Fears’ hit, “Mad World,” reminiscent of Gary Jules’ iconic rendition from the film Donnie Darko.

It takes two: In Los Angeles, friends Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert put their powerful vocals to use on a duet

Two talented vocalists, Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert, teamed up in Los Angeles to showcase their exceptional singing skills through a duet.

Back in black: Demi looked dapper in a black blazer with a matching crop top underneath, and they paired it with black cargo pants that reached down to the ground

Sparkling: Adam covered up with a silver-and-black gingham jacket with a black tank top, leather pants and towering silver-and-black platform heels

Demi and Adam both rocked some serious black attire at the event. Demi went for a dapper look with a black blazer, crop top, and cargo pants, while Adam opted for a silver-and-black gingham jacket, black tank top, leather pants, and towering silver-and-black platform heels. Pop icon Cyndi Lauper stole the show with her performances alongside Billy Porter and Jon Batiste. She donned a striking black ensemble from Christopher John Rogers, complete with rows of colorful buttons and platinum locks. Batiste wowed the audience with his piano skills as Lauper belted out hits like True Colors and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. For his solo performance, Batiste swapped out his pink tux for a Jackson Pollock-inspired paint-splattered suit.

Icon: Pop legend Cyndi Lauper added some extra firepower to her performance thanks to collaborations with Billy Porter and the jazz pianist and singer Jon Batiste

Pop icon Cyndi Lauper took her performance to the next level by teaming up with Billy Porter and jazz pianist/singer Jon Batiste for some unforgettable collaborations.

Together: She wore a striking black ensemble with rows of colored buttons and sported platinum locks. Batiste tickled the ivories as she launched into renditions of True Colors and one of her most popular songs, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As a team, they made quite the sight: she was donning an eye-catching black outfit adorned with rows of vibrant buttons and had her hair bleached platinum blonde. Meanwhile, Batiste was skillfully playing the piano as she began to sing both True Colors and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which happens to be one of her most beloved songs.

Solo flight: Batiste, who's the band leader for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, switched out the pink tux with flaming lapels that he wore for his performance with Lauper in favor of a Jackson Pollock style paint-splatter suit when he sang solo

Batiste, the band leader for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, changed his attire for his solo performance, opting for a Jackson Pollock style paint-splatter suit instead of the pink tux with flaming lapels he wore while performing with Lauper. Meanwhile, Nile Rodgers and Chic brought classic disco and funk tunes to London. Rodgers looked stylish in a white shirt and black beret that showed off his braids. Alessia Cara performed with stripped down vocals, dressed casually in a low-cut black crop top and relaxed golden khakis that contrasted with her navy blue bra top. Duran Duran rocked the stage in quirky ’80s-themed outfits, with lead singer Simon Le Bon wearing a black blazer, graphic T-shirt, and colorful trousers, and Nick Rhodes standing out in a PVC red suit and tie.

Energy: Nile Rodgers and Chic performed on stage in London

Nile Rodgers and his band Chic rocked the stage in London with their energetic performance.

On stage: Nile looked cool as he donned a white shirt with a black beret that his long braids spilled out from

During the performance, Nile appeared effortlessly stylish wearing a crisp white shirt and a black beret that complemented his long braids, which flowed freely.

On her own: Earlier in the afternoon, Alessia Cara gave a stripped down performance highlighting her smoky vocals

Low key: The Canadian singer¿songwriter was dressed casually in a black crop top, which was cut low-enough to reveal her navy blue bra top

Solo act: In a recent performance, Alessia Cara showcased her soulful voice with a stripped-back rendition. Sporting a laid-back look, the Canadian artist wore a black crop top that showed off a navy blue bra top underneath.

Only the hits: Alessia put on a show with her Zedd collaboration Stay, as well as her top-10 hit Scars To Your Beautiful, from her debut album

Alessia gave an amazing performance featuring her collaboration with Zedd, “Stay,” and the chart-topping hit “Scars To Your Beautiful” from her first album. Only the best tunes made it to her setlist!

Rockers: Duran Duran took to the stage for an energetic performance, while they wore quirky outfits

The band Duran Duran rocked the audience with their electrifying performance, flaunting their unique fashion sense.

Cause: The organization's plan aims to end COVID-19 for all, end the hunger crisis, resume learning for all, protect the planet, and advance equity for all

The organization has a plan to put an end to COVID-19, address the hunger crisis, resume learning, protect the environment, and promote equity. Chloe Bailey, who has been pursuing her solo career, reunited with her sister Halle Bailey in Los Angeles for a show. Chloe sported long blonde dreadlocks and wore a sheer dress embellished with silver studs and sequins, featuring a high slit up the skirt. Halle also wore a beaded halter dress with glittery tassels. The concert, which focused on pop and rock genres, featured Migos, who opened with Avalanche and performed Bad And Boujee. The trio dressed uniquely, with Takeoff wearing a red-and-white sweatshirt, Quavo sporting a white sweatshirt and acid wash jeans, and Offset donning a brown-and-beige camouflage suit with the word ‘SEX’ written all over it. Julianne Hough then took the stage with her backup dancers, showcasing her dance moves in a white crop top and flowing white skirt. During her set, H.E.R. played bass before joining Stevie Wonder for his performance, where she showed off her lead guitar skills on his classic song Superstition.

Reunited and it feels so good: Chloe Bailey of the sister act Chloe x Halle has been focusing on her solo act lately, but she reunited with her sister Halle Bailey in Los Angeles for their performance

It’s a joyful reunion: Chloe Bailey, one half of the talented sibling duo Chloe x Halle, has been pursuing her solo career lately. However, she recently joined forces with her sister, Halle Bailey, in Los Angeles for an incredible joint performance.

Sizzling: Chloe wore long blond dreadlocks and shined in a sheer dress covered in silver studs and sequins, with a high slit up the skirt, while Halle complemented her in a similar beaded halter dress

Chloe was looking hot with her long blonde dreadlocks and sparkling in a see-through dress adorned with silver studs and sequins. The dress had a daring high slit up the skirt, which added to her sizzling look. Halle was equally stunning in her beaded halter dress that perfectly complemented Chloe’s outfit.

Changing it up: The pop- and rock-heavy show got a dose of rap when the trio Migos took to the stage

Mixing things up: The concert, filled with mostly pop and rock music, added a touch of hip-hop when Migos performed on stage.

New direction: Julianne Hough changed the show up again when she came on stage with a bevy of backup dancers

Fresh approach: Julianne Hough spiced things up yet again by taking the stage alongside a group of talented backup dancers.

Fit figure: The Dancing With The Stars pro¿turned¿judge showed off her moves in a white crop top that highlighted her impressive abs

Woman in white: She also wore a flowing white skirt with slits for free movement

Looking fit and fabulous, the former Dancing With The Stars pro who is now a judge, flaunted her dancing skills while dressed in a sleek white crop top that accentuated her toned abs. She paired it with a billowy white skirt designed with stylish slits for maximum flexibility during movement.

Staying busy: H.E.R. did double duty with a solo set and by joining Stevie Wonder for his performance. She played bass during her set but switched to her guitar to open up Wonder's portion with some lead guitar work on his classic Superstition

H.E.R. was keeping herself occupied at the event by putting on a solo performance and also teaming up with Stevie Wonder for his set. During her solo act, she rocked the bass guitar but then switched it up and grabbed her regular guitar to kick off Wonder’s set by adding her own flavor to his iconic hit “Superstition” with some impressive lead guitar skills.

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