Get ready for Meg 3: The Ultimate Ocean Adventure!

Meg 2: The Trench employs several strategic plot twists to lay the groundwork for the future of the franchise, teasing an even more action-packed Meg 3 beyond Jason Statham’s battles with colossal sharks. By hinting at the presence of additional Megalodons in the film’s climactic scenes, including the possibility of a pregnant female, Meg 3 promises to deliver even more spectacle with giant animals like massive octopuses. Furthermore, Meg 3 may also introduce other creatures residing in the Trench, as hinted at in Meg 2.

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Meg 2 has effectively set up the future of the franchise through its finale, promising fans that Meg 3 will exceed even the excitement of Jason Statham battling enormous sharks. One of the primary reasons behind the success of the Meg movies is undoubtedly their entertainment value, which keeps audiences engaged and satisfied. While these films have received negative criticism, they have proven to be critic-proof, as evidenced by their box office revenues. Despite poor reviews, both movies have achieved high worldwide totals, and Meg 2’s Rotten Tomatoes score reflects this even more harshly. Nevertheless, these ratings do not matter much when viewers are eager to see Statham battling prehistoric giants.

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Similar to the original film “The Meg,” the sequel takes things up a notch to ensure audiences are treated to even more spectacle involving gigantic animals. While the first movie included two Megalodons, “Meg 2” increases the number of killer sharks to three and provides Jason Statham’s Jonas Taylor with opportunities to encounter them all. But that’s not all- the ultimate confrontation on Fun Island introduces a giant octopus into the mix as well! Instead of waiting for a potential post-credits scene in “Meg 2” to reveal where the third film could go, the movie’s ending promises an even bigger sequel.

In the final scene of Meg 2: The Trench’s ending, there is a hint for a potential sequel. The characters Jonas, Mac, Meiying, Juming, Rigas, and DJ are sitting on the beach of Fuun Island waiting to be rescued. Rigas mentions that there is a chance that the Meg Haiqi may be pregnant after her time in the Trench. The movie makes it clear that it is mating season for the Megalodons and shows Haiqi swimming closely with two male Megs. Even though both of the males die in the finale, Haiqi’s survival suggests that she might have multiple babies before the next movie.

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Meg 3’s storyline will focus more on Megalodons, which is inspired by the books written by Steve Alten that the franchise is based on. The third book in the series, called MEG: Primal Waters, builds on the revelation in The Trench’s ending, where the female Meg gives birth to two offspring. Instead of Meg 2 providing a straightforward teaser for the franchise’s future, some ambiguity is left, allowing the possibility of introducing more than just two new Megs in the movies. Since Meg 2 had three Megalodons compared to the first movie’s two, having four giant sharks in Meg 3 would increase their number again. Furthermore, Meg 3 could introduce multiple new creatures through The Trench.

Introducing more Megalodons is just a part of how Meg 3 plans to be a bigger hit. The upcoming sequel, Meg 2: The Trench, also promises to feature new sea creatures. The movie addresses the question of whether other species could survive below the thermocline and reveals that a gigantic octopus resides there, along with smaller reptilian creatures. Even though some of these creatures die, Meg 3 has a lot in store for fans, including several types of extinct creatures that are believed to be living in the trench. With this information obtained from Meg 2: The Trench, the third installment will surely surpass its predecessors.

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