“From Mini Skirt to Jumpsuit: Miley Cyrus’ Fashionable Transformation Upon Arrival in London”

Picking up some style tips? Miley was spotted clutching a copy of Vogue as she walked through the airport

Observing some fashion trends? Miley was seen holding an issue of Vogue while strolling through the airport.

Bit warm? Miley Cyrus chose a tweed jumpsuit as she landed in heat-wave hit London

Boiler suit? Miley's tweed jumpsuit covered the star from head to toe as she made her way through Heathrow

Feeling the heat? Miley Cyrus opted for a tweed jumpsuit upon her arrival in London during the peak of the heat wave.

Miley teamed her jumpsuit with a Chanel shoulder bag and some over-sized sunnies, perfect for hiding her make-up free face

Miley combined her jumpsuit with a stylish Chanel shoulder bag and trendy over-sized sunglasses, which were great for concealing her natural look without any makeup.

From flesh flashing to all covered up: Miley was spotted in a very different look whilst out and about in New York this week

Miley Cyrus was seen sporting a completely different outfit during her recent outing in New York, covering up more than usual. She has transitioned from revealing clothes to a more modest look.

Mini skirt: Miley's tanned legs were on display in her skimpy skirt

Miley flaunted her bronzed legs in a tiny skirt.

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