“Emotional Rollercoaster: Miley Cyrus’ SNL Debut Delivers Laughter and Tears”

Miley Cyrus, known for her fearless personality and extravagant outfits, surprised everyone during the debut episode of Saturday Night Live with her emotional performance. In a solo act with only a piano accompanying her, Miley delivered a powerful rendition of The Twinkle Song, putting her heart and soul into it. Her frustration was palpable as she repeatedly questioned the meaning behind the lyrics, which ultimately led to her breaking down in tears on stage.

Sad: Miley got emotional while performing during the Saturday Night Live season premiere as she served as both host and musical guest

During her recent appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus delivered a moving performance that left many fans teary-eyed. As both the host and musical guest, she began by singing a song that started with a dream sequence featuring David Bowie as her skateboarding instructor. However, as the song progressed, Miley’s emotions got the better of her, and she struggled to hold back tears while delivering the final verse. Despite her efforts to control her voice, her eyes welled up with tears, and she ultimately broke down at the poignant line: “But I wasn’t scared ’cause you were there.” To keep up with Miley’s SNL hosting gig and other news about her, stay tuned.

Emotional: The stunning singer began crying while performing new track The Twinkle Song

As she performed her newest piece, The Twinkle Song, the 22-year-old artist was overcome with emotion and tears began to flow.

Aww: She turned up the waterworks as she let fans see a more vulnerable side of herself

Aww: She turned up the waterworks as she let fans see a more vulnerable side of herself

Uh-oh, tears were rolling down her cheeks as she opened up about a vulnerable part of her personality to those who had her back.

Interesting look: She rocked a really long blonde wig that covered the top of her piano Rapunzel-style, as photos of her dead pets were featured atop the instrument

It was a fascinating scene to behold: she was wearing a long blonde wig that cascaded down like the tresses of Rapunzel, veiling the upper portion of her piano. Upon taking a closer look, I observed that pictures of her deceased pets were methodically arrayed on the surface of the piano.

Crescendo: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker's voice began to crack as she sang higher and more emotionally toward the end of the track

As the song “Wrecking Ball” neared its conclusion, the impressive vocalist’s voice began to break and express more intense emotions, leading up to a dramatic climax.

Teary-eyed: At the end of her performance she pointed out the framed photos of her animals

As she wrapped up her performance, Miley Cyrus couldn’t hold back her tears as she pointed towards the pictures of her beloved pets. Despite her overwhelming emotions, she continued singing her lyrics, “I had a dream we took karate – it’s when you said you loved me, you loved me.” She managed to finish the song with a powerful piano flourish, her tear-streaked face shining in the light. As the host of the show, Miley stayed true to her outrageous style and started the night off with a monologue, dressed in a unique outfit made of artificial flowers. Her first song was just as daring, with a flower-covered outfit that barely covered her nipples and crotch, and hair extensions that reached her knees.

 Going for it: She rocked another interesting look during her first musical performance of the night

She took a bold step and decided to experiment with her look, by showcasing a striking new appearance for her first music performance of the night.

A hairy situation: She rocked an intricate long blonde wig with braids and items all over it as she performed Karen Don't Be Sad

It was quite fascinating to see her wearing a complicated long blonde wig with braids and other embellishments as she sang Karen Don’t Be Sad.

Revealing: In typical Miley fashion, she showcased plenty of skin as she appeared to only have flowers and other plantlife on her body

Miley Cyrus once again stuck to her iconic style and showcased her body by accessorizing herself with flowers and plants. While performing her song “Karen Don’t Be Sad,” which was introduced by Hillary Clinton, Miley’s band, the Flaming Lips, changed their name to Miley’s Dead Petz and wore animal costumes. Miley donned a daring outfit made of flowers that scarcely covered her intimate parts and had artificial hair flowing down to her knees. After singing another emotional song, Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of the Flaming Lips, raised his hand in victory and hugged Miley. Unlike other shows where fans get to witness a wilder side of their favorite stars through different sketches, Miley’s fans were privy to a rare glimpse of her dressed in regular business attire, playing the role of a conservative politician’s wife. In the beginning, Miley joked about her reputation for being a wild child, saying that the live show was great because her parents knew her whereabouts for at least 90 minutes.

Flower power: Miley came out for the opening monologue in an interesting flower dress and headpiece

Miley Cyrus rocked the stage when she made her appearance in the opening monologue sporting a distinct outfit that consisted of a gorgeous floral dress and headpiece, giving off an overall blooming aura.

She did it her way: The former Hannah Montana star sung Frank Sinatra's My Way as they paid tribute to all the people that will never be heard from after the summer

With a touch of her personal flair, the former Hannah Montana star sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra to honor those who may not have a chance to be heard after this summer.

Altogether now: The cast of characters joined the blonde on stage as she finished the song

After the blonde finished singing, a group of performers gathered on the stage.

Shocking: In the first real sketch of the night it was a sock hop dance, ala Grease, as Miley rapped her verse as she twerked on the school jock

Unexpectedly, the show kicked off with an entertaining throwback sock hop routine reminiscent of the film Grease. Miley Cyrus was front and center as she rapped a verse and showcased her impressive twerking moves on the high school’s popular jock.

Tasty: She proceeded to put whipped cream on his face and lick it off

Yummy: She acted on impulse and plopped some whipped cream on his face, then gamely licked it off for fun.

Riding off: The two hopped on a pinata and made their way off screen to end the sketch

Leaving: As the skit came to a close, the two performers rode a pinata off the stage. Miley Cyrus made a humorous remark about her past drug use, quipping that smoking puts her on a seven-second delay. Instead of delivering a comedic monologue, she opted for a more serious rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” The SNL cast injected humor into the sketch by portraying individuals who made headlines over the summer, including Rachel Dolezal, Cecil the Lion’s dentist, and Meek Mill and Drake during their feud. They also referenced Lenny Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction, Ariana Grande’s donut-licking scandal, Kim Davis’ controversial hug with the Pope, and Subway’s Jared Fogle. The skit concluded with Bobby Moynihan transforming into Josh Duggar.

Ladies night: She starred in a skit featuring a girl's night out at Katz Deli, made famous by the orgasm scene in iconic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally

A night out with the girls was the theme of her sketch, set in Katz Deli, made famous by its orgasmic scene in the iconic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. It was a fun-filled performance that had the audience laughing and cheering for more.

O-face: Miley did her best fake orgasm impression

Miley exhibited her talent for parodying a simulated climax with her distinct O-face.

Joining in on the fun: Cecily Strong and Leslie Jones followed suit

Joining in on the fun: Cecily Strong and Leslie Jones followed suit

Miley Cyrus brought the laughs to Saturday Night Live with a hilarious skit featuring Cecily Strong and Leslie Jones. In the skit, Miley portrayed a sexy blonde attending a 1950s homecoming dance. To the surprise of her peers, Miley chose to rap hardcore lyrics instead of singing sweet ones, even getting suggestive as she danced around. The skit ended with Miley smearing cream all over her date’s face before licking it off and wheeling off stage. One of the actors even made a reference to Miley’s past as Hannah Montana, asking if she was from Montana.

Girl talk: Hillary Clinton appeared in a sketch as a bartender named Val with Kate McKinnon, who was playing her

Hillary Clinton recently appeared in a humorous skit where she played the part of a bartender named Val. The sketch also included Kate McKinnon, who played the role of Clinton in the skit.

Taking it in stride: Hillary showed her lighter side as she did a Donald Trump impression and even joined Kate as they sung Lean On Me together

Hillary Clinton showcased her lighter and more relaxed persona by mimicking Donald Trump’s mannerisms and even joined forces with Kate to belt out Lean On Me. She embraced the moment and had a great time.

Trump card: The cold open featured Donald Trump, played by Taran Killam, and his wife Melania Knauss Trump played by Cecily Strong

The introduction featured Taran Killam acting as the role of Donald Trump, and Cecily Strong taking on the persona of his wife Melania Knauss Trump.

My how you've aged! Miley played presidential hopeful Jim Gilmore's wife in an anti-depressant commerical

Oh my goodness, you’ve changed so much! Miley Cyrus played the role of Jim Gilmore’s spouse in an advertisement promoting anti-depressant drugs during his presidential campaign.

Whoops: She parodied his wife Roxane Gatling Gilmore who didn't seem too sure of her husband's chances

Oh no! Miley Cyrus caused some controversy during her recent performance when she poked fun at Roxane Gatling Gilmore, the spouse of presidential candidate Jim Gilmore. Several people pointed out that Miley’s portrayal of Gilmore was outdated as she hasn’t lived in Montana for quite some time and has a different public persona now. Miley’s skit had her donning a gray wig and skirt suit to mimic Gilmore, who was ridiculed for believing her husband could become the next President. The skit was presented as an advertisement for Abilify, a dementia medication that was only prescribed to a handful of individuals.

Millennial Miley: She rocked a purple wig with a light blue streak for a sketch called The Millennials 

Miley, the member of the millennial generation, stunned in a comedic skit called The Millennials where she rocked a striking purple wig accentuated with a hint of light blue.

Shocked: She was joined by Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon in the sketch

It was unexpected to see Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon in the sketch.

Chat show: In one of the last sketches of the evening Leslie Jones pretended to be the first black female late night TV host back in the 1950s

In a recent episode of a late-night talk show, Leslie Jones performed a hilarious skit as the first-ever African-American woman to host a late-night TV program in the 1950s. This comedic act was one of the last performances of the evening.

Sweet: In the sketch Miley portrayed old school actress Hayley Mills

Miley Cyrus recently displayed her acting skills by playing various roles in different sketches. One of these sketches featured her as a snobbish young adult in a series called The Millennials, where the cast was more interested in their phones than real-life interaction. In another, she joined a group of women who recreated Meg Ryan’s famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally at Katz’s Deli in New York. She also played the role of the renowned Hayley Mills in a segment where Leslie Jones embodied the first black female late-night TV host in the 1950s, who was cut off before delivering a tirade about white people. Additionally, Miley participated in a comical advertisement that emphasized not everyone can become the President.

Home video: The last clip of the night featured a wedding between Miley and Kyle Mooney

The last segment of the night displayed Miley and Kyle Mooney’s wedding ceremony recorded on their personal camcorder.

Awkward: The wedding gets busted up by two of Kyle's friends

Kyle’s wedding was disturbed by the unruly behavior of his two friends.

Having a ball: In the sketch, it was established that Miley is a time traveler as she is shown playing in a ball pit

Having a Great Time: During the skit, it was revealed that Miley had the ability to travel through time and was caught enjoying herself in a pit filled with an array of vibrant balls.

Sad times: The end of the sketch features an older actress with blonde dreadlocks posing as Miley at Kyle's funeral

The sketch turns melancholic as an experienced actress with blonde dreadlocks plays the part of Miley at Kyle’s burial. The conclusion denotes a sorrowful phase in the skit.

Fin: Miley thanked her Dead Petz band but failed to thank the cast at the end of the night

At the end of her performance, Miley Cyrus neglected to acknowledge the cast and crew, only thanking her Dead Petz band. One peculiar skit featured Miley getting married to Kyle Mooney in a cramped office, but he quickly leaves and seeks help from his friends. Despite wanting to give money to her friends and appearing to be a perfect match for him, Kyle seemed afraid of Miley. The skit then fast-forwards through various points in time, showing Miley dressed in hospital scrubs delivering a baby boy named ‘Six Flags,’ followed by the teenage boy seeking advice on girls. Eventually, the skit jumps to the funeral of Six Flags, where an elderly actress with dreadlocks impersonates Miley.

Sheer daring: Even off-camera, Miley aimed to shock as she arrived at the SNL afterparty

Miley Cyrus continues to impress her fans with her fearless nature, both on and off screen. The talented singer made a striking appearance at the SNL afterparty, surprising everyone with her arrival.

Showing off: She wore a very interesting outfit consisting of a see-through top with a sunflower design which covered her breasts

Showing off: She wore a very interesting outfit consisting of a see-through top with a sunflower design which covered her breasts

Displaying: She wore an alluring outfit consisting of a see-through blouse embellished with a gorgeous sunflower design, cleverly covering her chest.

Svelte: She showed off her very impressive figure in the sequined black pencil mini skirt, with shimmering pantyhouse and black leather heels

She looked absolutely gorgeous and fit, showing off her amazing figure in a stunning black sequin pencil skirt. She accessorized with shimmery pantyhose and chic black leather heels to complete the look.

Colourful character: She had a big yellow bow on her had complete with pink, blue and blonde extensions

Full of life: Flaunting a big yellow bow on her head that’s embellished with a blend of blonde, pink, and blue extensions, she exudes a lively and extravagant aura.

Showing off: She was scantily clad as she celebrated a successful hosting gig

Proudly showing off her body in a daring ensemble, she basked in the triumph of her role as a host.

Getting glamed up: Miley shared this photo from backstage at the event

Miley Cyrus shared a photo of her all glammed up backstage before an occasion.

'Quick a$$ wig change $elfie': The Party In The USA hitmaker also shared this photo of herself getting her wig put on for the Millennials sketch

On social media, Miley Cyrus posted a picture of herself preparing for the Millennials skit. The caption on the photo read ‘Speedy wig adjustment selfie.’ As she was having her wig repositioned, the singer seemed to be having a great time.

Showing their support: Miley also shared this selfie as she was joined by pals Precious Davis (left) and drag queen Vivacious (middle)

Miley Cyrus expressed her backing by sharing a selfie on her social media account. She was joined in the picture by her close acquaintances, Precious Davis and a fabulous drag queen named Vivacious.

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