“Chic and Confident: Jennifer Aniston Dazzles in a Pussybow Blouse and Mini Skirt while Promoting her Latest Flick, Cake!”

Jennifer Aniston was not nominated for an Oscar for her acting in the indie movie Cake, but she seems to have moved on from that disappointment. She was seen with a cheerful and upbeat demeanor as she arrived at the Good Morning America studio in Times Square, New York City. The 45-year-old actress sported a business-casual outfit and waved to fans before heading inside.

Simple yet chic: Jennifer Aniston donned an office-appropriate look for her appearance on Good Morning America in New York City on Wednesday 

Jennifer Aniston opted for a simple yet stylish outfit during her appearance on Good Morning America in New York City. The popular actress expressed her excitement about the positive response to her performance in Daniel Barnz’s movie Cake, which is a departure from her usual romantic comedy roles. She emphasized that movies should stimulate conversation and not just provide entertainment. While comedies are enjoyable, Aniston believes that thought-provoking films are equally important. Aniston also mentioned that people’s interest in her engagement with Justin Theroux takes a backseat to the discussion about her movie, which she finds refreshing.

All smiles: The 45-year-old star looked totally at ease as she sat down for an in-depth chat

With a bright smile on her face, the famous 45-year-old celebrity appeared completely comfortable as she settled in for an extensive conversation.

Bronzed beauty: Jennifer had a healthy tan and was rocking a pair of tinted sunglasses

Jennifer looked stunning with her radiant bronze complexion and complemented it with a stylish pair of sunglasses in a tinted shade.

Health conscious: The Break Up star was sipping on some bottled water ahead of her interview 

The actress from Break Up was seen drinking a bottle of water prior to her interview, indicating her concern for staying healthy.

Jennifer was donning a white blouse that had the bow untied, along with a black mini skirt. She matched this effortless ensemble with a cozy woolen coat, opaque tights, and black stilettos. The most striking feature of Jennifer’s appearance was her radiant sun-kissed complexion, which she highlighted further with generous amounts of bronzer.

Security team: Jennifer was accompanied by an army of beefy security guards 

Jennifer was flanked by a group of strong security personnel.

Star presence: The rom com queen made quite the entrance as she arrived in Times Square 

Celestial charm: The leading lady of romantic comedies created a big impression with her grand arrival at Times Square.

Dramatic: Cake sees Jennifer play Claire Bennett, who becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group

Cake star Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing reflective sunglasses with her honey brown hair down loose while playing the role of Claire Bennett in the movie. The character develops an interest in the suicide of a woman in her support group who was also dealing with chronic pain. Recently, the actress expressed her willingness to be a part of a Friends reunion provided it happens when they all are much older. She suggested that it would be more interesting to wait until they are really old and then put them up on stage.

Busy bee: Jennifer will next star in comedy She's Funny That Way opposite Owen Wilson 

Jennifer, the industrious worker, is set to showcase her talent in the upcoming comedy flick She’s Funny That Way alongside Owen Wilson.

Friends reunited: The Cake actress has revealed she thinks the Central Perk gang should wait a few more decades to film a reunion series

Friends reunited: The Cake actress has revealed she thinks the Central Perk gang should wait a few more decades to film a reunion series

The star of The Cake, believes that the cast of Central Perk should hold off on filming a reunion show for a few more decades.

'The gift that keeps on giving': Jennifer says  the decade she was on Friends was the best time of her life

According to Jennifer, her decade-long stint as Rachel Green on the hit show Friends was the most memorable time of her life. Despite the show ending a decade ago, she has arguably been the most successful out of all her co-stars. Jennifer fondly reminisced about her time on the show and praised her fellow cast members Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc. She stated that it was an incredible experience and that they all shared a special bond that continues to bring them happiness and success even after the show ended.

Bling-tastic: The star showed off her giant engagement ring on her left hand

Looking glamorous as ever, the celebrity flaunted her enormous engagement ring on her left hand, shining and sparkling like a true bling-tastic beauty.

Tying the knot: Jennifer is expected to wed her fiancé Justin Theroux this year

Tying the knot: Jennifer is expected to wed her fiancé Justin Theroux this year

Jennifer is all set to get married to her partner Justin Theroux sometime this year.

Animated: The star laughed and joked her way throughout the TV segment 

The celebrity giggled and teased her way through the television segment in an animated manner.

Acclaimed indie drama: Cake also stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington

The hit independent film Cake features the talented actors Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington in addition to receiving critical acclaim.

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