Checking out blue: Kylie Jenner flaunts her cool new hair and fit abs in must-have selfies following hairstyle transformation

Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, is becoming the most daring trendsetter when it comes to fashion. The 17-year-old made a stunning appearance at the Bellami Beauty Bar launch in West Hollywood, showcasing her new hair color which was a beautiful shade of ice blue. Everyone at the event couldn’t stop talking about her bold and striking new look, and Kylie even gave her fans another sneak peek of the hairstyle on her Instagram account.

Ice to see you: Kylie showcased her new blue tresses in a number of selfies on Friday

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram on Friday to reveal her latest hair transformation, flaunting her new blue tresses in a series of selfies. The reality TV star posed on a hotel balcony, showcasing her flawlessly made-up face and toned stomach in a beige suede two piece. Kylie, who is preparing to launch her own beauty blog, explained at a recent red carpet event that she wanted to try something different and have fun with her look after keeping the same hairstyle for a while.

Stylish gal: The teenager flaunted her stunning physique in a beige suede ensemble that revealed her well-toned tummy, while also providing her followers with another sneak peek of her transformed appearance.

Healthy: The teenager looked happy and toned as she stepped out from a white vehicle earlier in the day

The adolescent seemed content and physically fit when she emerged from a pristine automobile earlier today.

Helping hand: A man seemed to appear to help Kylie close the door of the vehicle after she got out

Kylie received some assistance from a gentleman who appeared out of nowhere as she was trying to close the car door. He gave her a helping hand.

Standing tall: The reality star added height to her already slender frame with a pair of gold heels

Looking statuesque: The celebrity elevated her already svelte figure by donning a set of glistening gold high heels.

Essentials: As she walked across the car park, she could be seen clutching her phone, a piece of paper and a pair of sunglasses

As she strolled through the parking lot, she held onto her phone, a note, and sunglasses for dear life.

Colour pop: The young entrepreneur ensured her nails matched her new vibrant hair colour 

The youthful business owner made certain that her nails complemented her fresh and lively hair hue.

Immaculate: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kylie's make up was on trend and there wasn't a hair out of place

Without surprise, Kylie’s makeup was up-to-date and her hair was perfectly styled, giving her an immaculate appearance.

Busy: It looked like nothing would stop the beautiful star as she powered inside despite wearing heels

The gorgeous star was unstoppable as she strutted her stuff in an outfit that was sure to catch everyone’s attention. Not content with just changing her hair color, Kylie Jenner opted for a daring look and donned an ultra-low-cut white jumpsuit that nearly reached her belly button. The ’70s-inspired jumpsuit was completed with flared trousers that gracefully covered her stunning metallic gold heels. It’s worth noting that despite rumors of breast implants, Kylie has denied undergoing any surgery.

Like a mermaid: Kylie debuted her new look at Bellami Beauty Bar in West Hollywood on Thursday

Kylie made a splash with her latest look when she revealed it at the Bellami Beauty Bar in West Hollywood last Thursday, giving off some serious mermaid vibes.

Daring: The 17-year-old wore a white jumpsuit which almost plunged all the way to her belly button 

Bold: The teenager donned a stunning white jumpsuit that daringly dipped down to just above her navel.

An unusual shade: Kylie has had blue hair before, but her latest shade is a lot more pale

Kylie Jenner has experimented with bold hair colors in the past, including blue. However, her current shade is much lighter and more uncommon.

She's got competition! Eva Marie of Total Divas rocked VERY fiery locks during the event

Looks like Eva Marie of Total Divas has some serious competition when it comes to rocking bold and vibrant hair color. She showed up to the event sporting some seriously fiery locks, making a statement with her bold choice.

Preened: The youngest Jenner girl shared a selfie with two very glamorous attendees

Decked out in glamour, the youngest of the Jenner sisters flaunted her style by sharing a selfie with two equally stunning guests. Her gold clutch and embellished choker were complemented by a selection of silver and gold trinkets. Keeping her makeup muted and opting for a nude lip, Kylie let her hair do all the talking. The event was held to showcase her hair extension brand with Bellami.

Retro: Kylie's jumpsuit featured 70s style flares which covered her gold heels

Retro: Kylie's jumpsuit featured 70s style flares which covered her gold heels

Kylie rocked a retro look with her jumpsuit that boasted flared legs straight out of the 70s. The flares were long enough to cover her stylish gold heels, completing the throwback vibe.

Bling: The teen star accessorised with a gold clutch and a variety of gold and silver trinkets

The teenage celebrity added some extra sparkle to her outfit with a stylish gold clutch and a collection of eye-catching gold and silver accessories. As an entrepreneur, she proudly showcased a box of her hairpieces, available in an array of shades including striking ombre effects with teal tips. Each set of these 20-inch clip-in extensions can be purchased for $249. Recently, rumors began circulating that she had undergone breast augmentation surgery after displaying a generous amount of cleavage. However, the star has since dismissed these allegations.

Fans: Quite a crowd had gathered to see the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star make her entrance into the store

Admirers: A considerable group of people had assembled to catch a glimpse of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian celebrity as she arrived at the shop.

Guest of honour: The reality star was seen driving up to the event in her car 

The star of the moment arrived at the event in her car, attracting the attention of many. In a Snapchat video, Kylie dismissed rumors of having breast implants. She revealed that it’s just tape holding them up. Kylie has been consistently denying having any body enhancement, and last month she finally admitted to having lip fillers after denying it for more than a year. She made the confession on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Natural hue: Kylie's tresses were dark brown just a day ago

Kylie recently had a change in hair color, going from a deep brown shade to her natural hue.

Standing out: At this year's Coachella Music Festival Kylie rocked aquamarine tresses but quickly reverted back to brunette afterwards

Being unique: During the Coachella Music Festival of this year, Kylie Jenner sported a fabulous aquamarine hair color that turned heads. However, she didn’t keep it for long and went back to her natural brunette locks shortly thereafter.

Blue belle: The reality star displayed teal tinted tips in June last year at a book signing

Last June during a book signing event, the famous personality flaunted her stylish teal colored tips.

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