“Breaking Through the Jitters: Selena Gomez Almost Held Back Her Apple TV+ Documentary Due to Personal Vulnerabilities”

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez made an appearance in New York City for the FYC screening of her Apple TV+ documentary, ‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.’ The 30-year-old former Disney Channel star also participated in a Q&A session where she opened up about the film’s content. The documentary gives fans a rare glimpse into her mental health and lupus diagnosis over a six-year period. During the discussion, she revealed that releasing the documentary made her feel extremely nervous because she was hesitant to share her struggles with the world. The hosts Benji Pasek and Justin Paul helped facilitate the conversation.

Screening: Selena Gomez stepped out in New York City on Wednesday to attend an FYC screening of her Apple TV+ documentary, 'Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me'

Selena Gomez attended an FYC screening of her documentary ‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ in New York City on Wednesday. Despite the positive reception from fans and critics, Selena revealed that she was nervous about releasing the documentary and had considered pulling it a few weeks ago. She acknowledged that as a public figure, she felt she was sacrificing herself for a greater purpose by opening up about her mental health struggles. Despite her initial hesitation, Selena ultimately decided to release the documentary and has been overwhelmed by the positive response.

Chic: For the occasion, Gomez cut a chic figure in a leggy black minidress styled with a cozy brown coat

Stylish: Gomez looked absolutely stylish at the event, flaunting her toned legs in a black minidress paired with a warm brown coat.

Knee-high: She slipped on a pair of knee-high black leather boots and painted her nails a vibrant red

On Wednesday, Gomez looked effortlessly stylish in a black minidress and a cozy brown coat. The outfit was completed with a pair of knee-high black leather boots that added an extra bit of edge. Her nails were painted a bold red shade, which stood out against the dark hues of her attire. She styled her shoulder-length brunette hair in soft curls and opted for a peachy pink lip color that complemented her complexion. To accentuate her eyes, Gomez added individual faux lashes that gave her a flirty and playful look. As the founder of Rare Beauty, it’s clear that she knows how to put together a winning ensemble.

Glam: The Rare Beauty founder's shoulder-length brunette hair was worn in curls and her plump pout was painted a peachy pink

Chic: The creator of Rare Beauty sported gorgeous shoulder-length brown locks styled in curls, and her lips were adorned with a lovely shade of peachy pink.

She was joined by the documentary's director, Alek Keshishian

Accompanied by the filmmaker Alek Keshishian, Selena Gomez made her entrance at the evening event. The singer was seen swiftly disembarking a black chauffeur-driven car and heading towards The Metrograph. Keshishian looked dapper in his gray-blue slim fit pants and navy blue wool sweater.

Arrival: Gomez was first spotted arriving the evening event

Jovial: She appeared in high spirits

As she made her way to the evening event, Gomez was initially seen upon her arrival.

Discussion: The Disney Channel alum, 30, also held a Q&A where she discussed the film that gives fan an intimate look at her mental health struggles and life with lupus; (L-R) Benji Pasek, Selena Gomez, Alek Keshishian and Justin Paul

During a recent event, former Disney Channel star Selena Gomez engaged in a Q&A session where she opened up about her mental health struggles and life with lupus, which are the focus of her new film. Joining her were director Alek Keshishian, along with hosts Benji Pasek and Justin Paul, and the group posed for several photographs before discussing the motivations behind the documentary. Originally planned to follow Gomez on her Revival tour in 2016, the project was ultimately dropped by Keshishian after Gomez cancelled the tour due to her mental health challenges.

Almost didn't: She admitted to hosts Benji Pasek and Justin Paul that she hesitated releasing the doc because she was 'so nervous' to lay bare her struggles to the world

Barely Released: During an interview with Benji Pasek and Justin Paul, she confessed that she had second thoughts about publishing the documentary since she was anxious about exposing her personal struggles to the public.

'I'm just so nervous. Because I have the platform I have, it's kind of like I'm sacrificing myself a little bit for a greater purpose,' she explained. 'I don't want that to sound dramatic, but I almost wasn't going to put this out'

The individual expressed their nervousness about the impact of their platform and how it may affect their personal life. Despite feeling hesitant, they decided to continue sharing their experiences and journey for a greater purpose. The filming process took place in 2019 during the individual’s visit to schools in Kenya with the WE Foundation. The cameras captured several deeply personal moments, including the beginning of the pandemic, the return of the individual’s lupus, and their mental health struggles. At times, the director felt unsure about filming certain scenes, but the individual encouraged them to capture everything. Eventually, the director realized that they were capturing a profound documentary about a young woman struggling to incorporate her diagnosis into her life while also using her platform to raise awareness about mental health.

Release: But despite her hesitance, 'Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me' hit the streaming platform on November 2 and has received positive reception from fans and critics.

However, even though she was initially uncertain about it, Selena Gomez’s documentary ‘My Mind & Me’ was made available on the streaming platform on November 2. It has been well-received by both her fans and critics.

Initially 'Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me' was set to follow Gomez along her Revival tour in 2016, however director Keshishian ultimately dropped the documentary after she cancelled her tour due to her mental health struggles

The documentary titled ‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ was originally planned to showcase Gomez’s journey during her Revival tour in 2016. However, the director Keshishian decided not to proceed with the project after Selena cancelled the tour due to her mental health struggles. The director felt that although Selena wanted to set an example for her fans, she was still battling with her own issues. Initially, Selena was hesitant about releasing the documentary, but after seeing the impact it had on an audience during a test screening, she decided to go ahead with it. She hoped that the documentary would help at least one person and decided to take the leap.

Raw: Filming resumed in 2019 as Gomez visited schools in Kenya along with the WE Foundation and cameras continued capturing her in several deeply personal moments - from the beginning of the pandemic to the return of her lupus and of course her mental health issues

Rewritten: In 2019, filming for a documentary featuring Selena Gomez resumed as she traveled to Kenya to visit schools with the WE Foundation. The cameras captured some of her most intimate moments, including how she coped with the pandemic, her relapse of lupus, and her struggles with mental health.

'I was in her home, and she [would be] in tears,' Keshishian recalled. 'I'm holding my iPhone, and I'm like, 'I don't know whether I should shoot this.' And she was like,

During a visit to her house, Keshishian witnessed the woman crying and was unsure whether to film the moment. However, upon asking the woman if it was alright to record, she encouraged him to do so.

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