“Bon Jovi and Son Jesse Unveil New Wine Brand with Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, and Dakota Fanning in Star-Studded Celebration”

Jon Bon Jovi appears to be quite popular among the Hollywood crowd, as a number of celebrities, such as Nicole Scherzinger, Dakota Fanning, and Miley Cyrus, showed up to celebrate his son Jesse’s new wine, Hampton Water. The event took place on Thursday evening, and both father and son spent time chatting with their famous guests. It appears that the recently released rose was a hit with everyone in attendance.

It's party time: Jon Bon Jovi and lookalike college footballer son Jesse with Nicole Scherzinger at a party to promote their new wine in Los Angeles on Thursday

It’s time to party! Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse, who shares an uncanny resemblance to his dad and is a college football player, were seen at a celebration in Los Angeles where they were promoting their new wine project. The gathering was graced by the presence of musician Nicole Scherzinger.

On brand: Jesse Bongiovi made sure to keep a bottle of his new wine in hand as he and his rocker father posed with Miley Cyrus

Jesse Bongiovi made sure to stay true to his personal brand by sipping on a bottle of his newest wine while taking a photo with his musician father and Miley Cyrus.

Celebrity friends: College footballer Jesse with actress Dakota Fanning

Jesse, a college football player, and Dakota Fanning, an actress, are good friends who were spotted at a party together. Singer Nicole, who had just come back from a trip to Dubai, was seen sipping on the 2018 best-rated rosé wine by Wine Spectator. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a blue silk dress with long sleeves and posed for pictures with a father and son pair at the event. Dakota also graced the party in a more casual outfit, sporting a red tank top and jeans.

Cheers: The 26-year-old clinks glasses with Jon

Cheers! Jon and his 26-year-old companion lift their glasses for a celebratory drink.

Fancy seeing you here! Miley had updated her hair for the bash, returning to her roots with a Hannah Montana look

Hey there! Guess who made an appearance with a new hairdo? It’s none other than Miley, and she surprised everyone by sporting a retro hairstyle reminiscent of her Hannah Montana era.

Flashback: Posting a snap to social media before the bash the Wrecking Ball hit-maker captioned the lookalike picture: '@hannahmontana Forever'

Miley Cyrus recently took a trip down memory lane by sharing a photo of herself resembling her iconic character Hannah Montana on social media. The image shows her with long, blonde hair that looks like it came straight from the set of the Disney show she once starred in. Dressed in a chic outfit and holding a glass of wine at an event, Miley was photographed alongside Jesse and his famous father. She also posted the same picture on social media before the event, with the caption ‘@hannahmontana Forever’. Throughout the evening, Miley was seen savoring the new wine while engaging in several photo opportunities with Jesse and his dad.

Girl's night:  Fresh-faced Dakota, second from right, with her friends at the event

A snapshot of Dakota and her gal pals shows the group beaming during their recent night out. On the other hand, Jesse, a recent graduate from Notre Dame, has decided to take on wine as he maps out his career as a postgraduate student. Residing in The Hamptons, the Bon Jovi clan has a penchant for rosé, making it a staple beverage in the area. According to Jesse, “rosé is the water of the Hamptons.” He revealed in an interview with W Magazine that he mentioned this observation to his father, which sparked their decision to venture into the wine industry.

Married bliss: Bon Jovi with his wife Dorothea Hurley

Bon Jovi and his spouse, Dorothea Hurley, spent their early days of marriage exploring the Southern French regions while collaborating with winemaker Gérard Bertrand to create their perfect rose blend. Their son Jesse Bon Jovi took on the crucial task of marketing, which resulted in the product launch last Thursday. In a recent interview with W magazine, Jesse disclosed that the inspiration behind their brand originated from a conversation with his father, who offered him another glass of “pink juice” on their porch one night. Jesse’s immediate correction to “Hampton water” intrigued his father, and they decided to use the name for their bottle so that others could enjoy it too.

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