“Action Star Jason Statham Takes Over London’s Streets with Camouflaged FBI Uniforms in New Film Shoot”

On Thursday, Jason Statham was seen filming for his upcoming movie, The Beekeeper, on the streets of London. The 55-year-old actor was dressed in a blue and black flannel shirt paired with blue denim jeans, which were provided by the wardrobe department. He was surrounded by fellow actors playing FBI members, sporting a blue hoodie and a matching baseball cap to complete his look. The scene was filmed on Jermyn Street, set to be portrayed as Boston in the film.

Movie star: Jason Statham was spotted on the streets of London on Thursday as he continued filming for his new movie The Beekeeper

Actor Jason Statham was recently spotted on the streets of London while filming for his latest movie, The Beekeeper. In this film, he stars alongside Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games, and it follows a man’s journey for revenge when he discovers that he used to work for a secret organization known as the Beekeepers. Despite the FBI agents on set dressed in camouflage gear and sporting walkie-talkies, Jason opted for a more relaxed look during filming.

Dressed the part: . The actor, 55, was dressed by the wardrobe in a blue and black flannel shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans

Looking the Part: The 55-year-old performer was outfitted by the costume department with a cozy blue and black flannel shirt, accompanied by a pair of classic blue denim jeans.

Action man: He was surrounded by fellow actors playing members of the FBI as they all stood together on set

The man of action found himself in the midst of a group of performers portraying FBI agents, all gathered together on the filming location.

Casual costume: Screen star Jason completed his look by wearing a blue hoodie and a matching baseball cap

Walking away: The star wore brown leather shoes as he worked on set

Chill outfit: Jason, the famous actor, added a laid-back touch to his appearance with a cozy blue hoodie and a corresponding baseball cap.

Telling the tale: The picture depicts a man's quest for vengeance after it is is revealed that he was a former agent of the powerful and covert organisation called Beekeepers

Narrating the story: The image showcases a man’s journey of seeking revenge upon discovering that he used to work for an influential and secretive group named Beekeepers.

Movie magic: Jason was seen with the cast and the crew in the UK capital's Jermyn Street for the scene which will be set in Boston for the flick

Jason was spotted in London’s Jermyn Street alongside the crew and cast of a movie, filming a scene that takes place in Boston. The magic of cinema allows for the creation of seemingly impossible scenarios, seamlessly transporting viewers to different locations and time periods.

Ready for action: The FBI were seen jumping out of a van with guns as the actors dressed in the costumes filmed on set

Prepared for action: The FBI agents were spotted exiting a van armed with weapons while the performers, who were attired in costumes, recorded scenes on the filming location.

Multinational: A police car with 'Boston Police' written on the side was seen parked in the street as a London bus drove past in the distance off the set

A cop car labeled ‘Boston Police’ was spotted parked on the street while a London bus passed by far away from the shooting location.

Joining in: An extra dressed as a homeless person was seen holding up a crutch as if it was a gun on set

During the filming of The Beekeeper, an actor dressed as a homeless person was spotted holding up a crutch as if it were a gun on set. Jason, meanwhile, was seen shooting a dramatic chase scene in Kent for the first time over the weekend. Crew members had even closed down the Kingsferry Bridge between Sheppey and Sittingbourne for 48 hours to capture different shots, including one where a car was shown hurtling towards the Swale River that sent a dummy flying into the air. On a personal note, Jason’s fiancée Rosie recently expressed her desire to return to her hometown in Devon after living in the exclusive Malibu neighborhood in California for many years.

On guard: An actor dressed as an FBI agent was seen holding a gun after stepping out of a van alongside a police car

Keeping watch: A performer decked out as an FBI agent was observed brandishing a firearm upon emerging from a van beside a law enforcement vehicle.

Realistic: On Thursday, Jason cut a much more casual figure than the members of the FBI, the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States

Jason appeared more laid-back than the FBI agents, who are responsible for domestic intelligence and security in the US, last Thursday.

Crime scene: The FBI were dressed in camouflage gear and could be seen speaking into walkie-talkies, with many wearing hard hats and face coverings.

At the crime scene, the FBI agents were clad in camouflage attire and were observed communicating through their walkie-talkies. Most of them wore protective hard hats and face masks. Rosie and Jason, who have two children, a five-year-old son, Jack, and a five-month-old daughter, Isabella, decided to sell their Malibu mansion for $18.5 million to relocate to London’s Chelsea district. Rosie was originally from Plymouth, a city in Devon, before moving to the market town of Tavistock, which is also in the South West of England. She confessed that she has a soft spot for that particular region of the world. In an interview with Great British LIFE magazine, she stated that she has always been a country girl at heart.

Dramatic: Jason was spotted filming The Beekeeper for the first time at the weekend when he shot a dramatic chase scene in Kent

Exciting: Over the weekend, Jason was caught on camera shooting scenes for his upcoming film, The Beekeeper. Fans were thrilled to see him in action as he filmed a thrilling chase scene in Kent.

Edge of the seat viewing: Crew members had shut the Kingsferry Bridge between Sheppey and Sittingbourne for 48 hours so they could film shots

Exciting entertainment: The Kingsferry Bridge connecting Sheppey and Sittingbourne was closed by the crew for a full 2 days to capture some thrilling scenes.

Remarkable: One scene in Kent saw a car hurtling towards the Swale River, sending a dummy flying into the air

Incredible: There was an extraordinary incident in Kent where a vehicle was speeding towards the Swale River, causing a dummy to be flung into the air.

Stateside: While the cast and crew were filming in London, the building in the St James area mimicked a Boston building

In the US, during the filming of a movie in London, a building in the St James area was made to resemble a Boston building. The writer enjoys spending time in various major cities, such as LA, but believes that the true beauty lies in the countryside and their home county where the people are friendly. They love the fresh country air and the sight of animals like sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, and horses. Despite being engaged for several years, Rosie and Jason are not in a rush to prepare for their wedding, and they believe it will be more enjoyable when their son Jack is grown up enough to participate.

Serious matters: Actors dressed in FBI uniform were seen standing alongside each other on the set

Something important: People who were wearing FBI outfits as part of their acting roles were spotted standing together on the filming location.

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